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Help Ticket Tips

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Filling out a Help Ticket should be, well, helpful! We’ve recently made some changes to simplify Help ticket requests, and made this page to provide guidance on creating successful Help Tickets.

Read through the information on this page to learn how to create a winning WISE Help Ticket! 

We want your Help Ticket to be secure, clear and containing information that will be most beneficial to the Customer Services Team member who will assist you with your needs.


Basic Tips to Help You Get Started Successfully:


Select your agency (District or Private School).

  1. This allows us to begin some research before we contact you.

  2. This field is not required, but enormously helpful.

  • Select the best application from the Help Ticket dropdown menu to address your concern.

    1. Our newly simplified applications listing should make this pretty clear. 
    2. Or check out the Logistics section below provides a list of the most frequent needs customers have for each application on the WISE Help Ticket.
  • Provide us with details in the free text (“Description of the Issue”) section.

    1. Include a WISEid without a name for the student or staff member on an initial ticket.

    2. This WISEid allows Customer Service Team members to research the student or staff member without you sharing Personally Identifiable Information.

    3. Do not include a WISEid AND a student name on the initial ticket for security purposes. 

      The Safety and Security section below provides more explanation.

Detailed Tips: Click the links below to navigate to different sections of this page:

WISE Help Ticket Applications Monitored by the CST

Data Security


  • I am a new user and need a WAMS ID.
  • I have a WAMS ID, but I am having trouble logging in.
  • I would like to change the email address associated with my WAMS account.


  • I am a new District Security Administrator (DSA).
  • I need access to a new WISE application.


  • I need access to a WISE application as a new user.
  • I need a new/different user application user role.
  • I should have access to a WISE application, but I am having trouble accessing it.


  • I need a Finance Data Administrator Role.
  • I need a Student Data Administrator Role.
  • I need both roles.
  • I have a question about the Pupil Count (PI-1563) for Membership pilot program.

WISEdata Finance:

  • My Finance Student Information System (SIS) isn’t synchronizing with WiSFiP.
  • I have questions about DPI's Student Financial Services (SFS) data collection requirements.


  • I can’t log into WISEgrants.
  • I need to add/remove users to/from WISEgrants.
  • For questions within the WISEgrants application, please use the WISEgrants Help Ticket.
School Directory or PI-1207

Wisconsin School Directory: Public Portal:

  • I need some general help.
  • I have questions about incorrect data entry and the collection year has closed.
  • For questions on downloading School Directory Public Portal information, please visit the School Directory User Guide webpage.

Wisconsin School Directory: Management Portal:

  • I need some general help.
  • I need help with a school name change request.
  • I’m a private school and need help changing my LEA/District.
  • I have questions about changing school categories.

PI-1207 Private School Report:

  • I’m having trouble using the application.
  • I’m not a registered user of the application yet or I haven’t been assigned a user role for PI-1207 and I cannot access the application.
Software Setup

Ed-Fi Credential:

  • I have questions about data not flowing from your SIS to WISEdata.
  • I have questions about my vendor subscriptions - new, current, canceling, and/or conversion to a new vendor.
    • Ask DPI to ensure that your vendor subscriptions are properly configured.
    • I have visited the Ed-Cred Mini-Tutorial page to try to make changes myself (SIS vendor change, adding or removing a specialized vendor subscription) but I still need help.

Vendors - Do Not Create a Help Ticket:

Vendors, please Contact Us as needed - do not create a WISE Help Ticket.


DPI Webpages as Vendor Resources:

  • The Information for Vendors page contains details on connecting with the WISEdata Ed-Fi Identity Integration tool.
  • The Ed-Fi Integration page has resources on how to become a certified vendor, development resources, and an overview of the certification process.
  • The Ed-Fi Credential Application page provides:
    • An overview of the tool used for districts/schools to authorize transmission of data.
    • Access to the Ed-Fi encryption keys and URLs that vendors need to speak to the ODS/API .
    • Credentials: the key and secrets that are used to establish a secure connection between the technology product and DPI.
    • Lists of error volumes and common errors for districts/schools for vendors to proactively review.

WISEdash for Districts:

  • My WISEdash data isn’t synchronizing with what I’m seeing in my SIS and I’m preparing for the snapshot.
  • I’m not sure how to find or display certain dashboard data.

WISEdash Public Portal:

  • I discovered that the data that’s displayed from last year is incorrect, and I need help knowing how to fix that.
  • I’m not sure how to find or display certain dashboard data.
  • I am a Choice school, and do not see WISEdash data.
WISEdata Portal

WISEdata Portal

  • Any and all questions you have about anything related to WISEdata Portal. 

Questions About GED or HSED

  • Please visit the GED/HSED Resources webpage to locate contact information. Use this contact information (email and phone number) to ask question about obtaining a copy of your GED or HSED.


  • I need help resolving Duplicate/Merged WISEids that are not resolvable by the Report Duplicates process within the WISEid application.
  • I need help resolving Change Requests not resolvable in the Change Request system, i.e., changes to student name (preferred name, last name), date of birth, other name removal due to a mistake.
  • I need help resolving Entity ID issues that are not resolvable by the Change Request system.
  • I need help resolving a WISEid split - two or more people are holding the same WISEid due to incorrect matching.


  • I need help with WISEstaff Assignment and Contract validation message questions.
  • I have Entity ID issues that are not resolvable by the Change Request process within the WISEstaff application.

For Questions about Educator Licensing and Licensing Audit Reports, please contact the Licensing, Educator Advancement and Development (LEAD) Team:

Contact the LEAD Team.

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What is S/PII and How do I Manage it on my Help Ticket?


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PII is any information that permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred, including any information that is linked or linkable to that individual.

Sensitive PII (SPII)

SPII is Personally Identifiable Information, which if lost, compromised, or disclosed without authorization, could result in substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, or unfairness to an individual. Sensitive PII requires stricter handling guidelines because of the increased risk to an individual if the data are compromised.

This DPI Informational Flier on PII includes many examples of PII.

The WISE Help Ticket has a free text section (Description of the issue). Stick to these simple guidelines below to maintain SPII security when you create a Help Ticket:



  1. Enter EITHER the WISEid/Entity ID OR the full name of the student/staff. WISEid id preferred. DO NOT ENTER BOTH

    1. WHY?

    2. The the DO NOT column to find out why entering BOTH the name and WISEid/Entity ID is wrong

  2. The WISEid/Entity ID ~ without a name ~ is the preferred piece of information

    1. WHY?

    2. WISEids and Entity IDs are unique identifiers and should refer to one person and one person only.

  3. Double check that the number you entered was done so exactly.

    1. WHY?

    2. Changing even one character in WISEid/Entity ID can result in referencing an incorrect person.

    • OR

  4. If you only provide the name of the student/staff on the initial Help Ticket, make sure you spell the name out fully and correctly (e.g., Michael, not Mike). Whenever possible, also include a middle name and any suffix (e.g., Jr, III) that may apply.

    1. WHY?

    2. The more specific name you provide, the better chance a CST member will help you find and discuss the correct student or staff member.


Do Not

  1. DO NOT enter the full name AND WISEid/Entity ID of the student or staff member.

    1. WHY?

    2. Initial tickets are less secure than an activated ticket.

      Once a Customer Services Team member has contacted you and is helping you resolve your issue, the ticket moves into a more secure network. In this environment, it is safe to correspond, and share any required PII/SPII needed to resolve your issue.

    3. As such:

      1. On your *initial* request (when you type up the ‘description of the issue’ in your Help Ticket), only list ONE OR THE OTHER: either the full name OR the identification number (WISEid or Entity ID) - NOT BOTH - for the staff or student you are referencing.

  2. NOTE! 


    1. Never disclose multiple details of PII in an email. Please fill out a Help Ticket.

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Tips on Writing Fabulous "Free Text" for a Dynamic Ticket Response


The bottom of each help Ticket has a 'free text' field, where you can type in a bit about the situation you need out help with. Here are some tips about great details to include in free text description of your issue that will help the Customer Service Team members begin addressing your issue before they even reply to you:

  1. How urgent is this issue?
    • Write down your contact information and the relative priority of the issue against other outstanding requests your district may have submitted.
  2. Where did the error occur?
    • In which application and on which screen were you when you experienced this issue?
  3. What did you expect to happen?
    • Provide details on what you expected to happen versus what actually happened. Break each error into a separate paragraph.
  4. Did you attempt to fix the problem?
    • If you attempted to troubleshoot, provide the steps you took and their results.
  5. What did it look like on your screen?
    • Provide documentation, details, and screenshots when possible. However, do not include a screenshot if it includes SPII.
  6. Be safe and specific in the details you provide:
    • Examples could look like this:
      • I have these specific students who are missing these specific pieces of data (sSEPA records, graduation records, discipline).
      • My 3rd Friday count is not correct. I am missing two students; they are…
      • I cannot log in to the WISEhome or WISEid application, etc.
      • Student WISEid (XXXXXXXXX) is now throwing error 6464, and I can’t figure out why.
      • How do I fix error 6464?
  7. Avoid overly general statements:
    • Examples could look like this:
      • I am missing data.
      • My count is not correct.
      • I cannot log in.
      • A student who was fine is now throwing an error.
      • I have errors that I cannot fix.
      • The site is broken.

We are here to help you!!

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