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School Modification Form

Different types of school changes get accomplished differently. 


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When to Use the School Modification Form


The School Modification form has a very limited purpose.


The School Modification Form submits a request to DPI to either:

  • OPEN a new school  - OR - 
  • CLOSE an existing school.

The form only allows users to make this open/close request using the categories of either:

  • Public School
  • Private School

Closing or opening a school potentially impacts many areas, for example, accountability report cards, School Nutrition, Special Education, Financial Services, and federal reporting, to name a few. The School Modification form is routed to all applicable DPI teams to ensure the closure or opening is handled properly. 

Definition of a School

When opening a new school, it is important to understand the legal definition of a school, particularly how a school differs from a program. Information can be found on the Clarifying Information on the Definition of a School page.

Access the School Modification Form only to Open or Close a School:

Submit School Modification Form

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When to Use a Help Ticket


Help Tickets are serviced by members of the DPI Customer Services Team (CST). You can refer to the Help Ticket Tips webpage to find useful information about how to create an appropriately detailed Help Ticket.

Once submitted, your Help Ticket will enter a queue, and CST member will assist you.

Submit a Help Ticket to make the following changes to your school:

  • School address
    • Private school district association
  • School name (all school types)

How to Submit a Help Ticket for School Changes

  1. Open a Help Ticket.
  2. Select School Directory Updates from the applications list.
  3. Enter all other required information into the Help Ticket fields, using the “Description of the Issue” field to describe your requested changes.
  4. Submit the ticket.

These Changes Must be Requested by an Authorized User 

The authorized user is the person who holds the role of Directory Update within WISEsecure. If the name on the Help Ticket is not the name that DPI has on file as holding the “Directory Update” role, the request will be denied. Updates requested by non-authorized users will not be approved; they will be returned to the sender, requesting that an authorized user re-submit the request. DPI cannot make changes requested by non-authorized users.

These Changes Must be Verified by DPI

A DPI staff member will verify whether or not the person submitting the Help Ticket is the same name listed within our internal database as holding the Directory Update role.

Other Important Details About Help Ticket School Changes

Reassignment of School Codes

Reassignment of school codes should be approached carefully. We ask you to read the Reassignment of School Codes page, which contains detailed and helpful information. Fully reading the scenarios will be very beneficial.

Act 212

Act 212 is legislation relating to detention facilities and measuring a school district's improvement in report cards. For more information about detention facilities as schools, refer to the Act 212 : Info, Help and FAQ webpage.

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When to Use the School Directory (Admin) Application


Changes made in the School Directory application by authorized users do not require DPI authorization. However, only authorized users - persons who have been assigned the role “Directory Update” for the School Directory application within WISEsecure - can make these changes.

Persons who only hold the role “Application Administrator” cannot make changes within the application. However, if Application Administrator also holds the role of Directory Update, changes can be made using the Directory Update application role.

Authorized users of the School Directory Update application can make many changes, including but not limited to:

  • Grades served

  • School Director / School Administrator Name or Contact Information

  • Private School Primary Contact Name or Contact Information

  • Private School Phone Number, Email and Web Address

School Directory cannot be used to open or close a school. To open or close a school, use the School Modification form. 


How to Use School Directory for School Changes

  1. Go to the WISEhome Portal login.
  2. Use your WAMS credentials to login.
  3. Open the School Directory application.
  4. Make the changes on the required screens for your agency.
  5. Save changes.
  6. Log out of the application.

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Annual Required Updates in School Directory

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Schools are required to update their information at the beginning of every school year.

These updates ensure that DPI has accurate information about Wisconsin schools. These updates are required from all public school districts, private schools, or charter schools that submit to WISEdata. Regular private schools (e.g., non-Choice private schools) have to update the School Directory even thought they do not submit any data to WISE. If these updates are not made, it can result in validation messages, and lack of proper communication between schools and DPI.

Changes must be made using the DPI School Directory (Admin) application :

You must have the appropriate School Directory user role in order to make these updates. If you do not, please request a user role using the WISEhome application. Instructions and a link to WISEhome can be found on the WISEhome Information page.

Make all applicable updates to all applicable requirements listed below:

  • Address or location change (physical, mailing, and/or shipping address)
  • District or school website URL
  • First and Last Day of School
  • High Grade and Low Grade (a/k/a grade range)
    • Keep in mind that only Milwaukee School District utilizes the grade level K3. Other schools should use "PK" to refer to grades earlier than K4. Refer to the Grade Level data element page for more information
  • Individual contact information (District Administrator, Choice Administrator, Principal, Special Education Director, Library Media Specialist, Business Manager, etc.)
  • Kindergarten Info (public districts only)
  • Main contact email address

Please note that if your school is participating in the Private School Choice Programs (Choice) or Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP), changes that impact those programs must be submitted using the update forms on the Choice or SNSP webpage. For example, changing the main contact email address through the form for the Directory will only change it for emails related to the Directory. That will not change the email address that is used for Choice program or SNSP correspondence.

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