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School Districts by CESA

CESA Identified School Districts


Contact information for each of the 12 CESAs across Wisconsin can be found on the DPI CESA page.

To locate a list of school districts for each CESA, complete the following steps:


  1. Open the School Directory Public Portal

School Directory main page, indicating how to access school districts

2. Click School Districts either from the top (purple) menu, or the icon at the bottom left.

3. Use the CESA filter and click the CESA(s) you want. You may select more than one. 

School Directory using CESA filter

4. Click Close when you've made your selection(s)

5. A list of schools within your indicated CESA(s) will appear as a list on the right half of your screen. NOTE: The above list of schools also includes all schools in each listed LEA.

6. You can click the 'download' icon (upper right corner) to obtain a .csv file - OR - you can click the PDF icon (upper right corner) to export a PDF. This may take a minute, depending on the size of the export. 

School Directory download and export to PDF icons

Open a Help Ticket if you still require assistance.

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