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Creating Your Wisconsin Access Management System (WAMS) Account

Create a Wisconsin Access Management System (WAMS) Account

For First-time Users or Users Whose Accounts Have Been Archived

Watch a video:

Or, follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit the WAMS site to set up your WAMS (Wisconsin User) ID.
  2. Click Self-Registration
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Self Registration page. While scrolling down, review the User Acceptance Agreement.
    • NOTE: A recent change to the agreement states that if your account has not been accessed within 26 months, the account will be archived and you will lose all rights. Then you will need to create a new WAMS account.
  4. Click Accept to proceed.
  5. On the Self-Registration form, complete the following Profile Information fields:
    • First Name,
    • Last Name,
    • Telephone number, and
    • Email Address.
    • The four items shown are the only required fields. All other information is optional.
  6. Account Information--Create your User ID, which can be between 5-20 alphanumeric characters.
  7. Create your own Password between 7-20 characters that MUST contain a combination of letters and either numbers or special characters (except the at [ @ ] sign). Re-enter your password as originally typed.
    • NOTE: User ID and password are case sensitive.
  8. Account Recovery--Create your Secret Question and Secret Answer.
    • The secret answer is case and character sensitive. Do NOT use the characters ampersand, apostrophe, quote, or slash in the secret question or answer. The answer to your question should be something that does not change over time and is not easily guessed.
    • The secret question and answer are used if you forget your password and/or User ID. With a well-chosen question and answer, the Department of Administrator's (DOA) automated account recovery process will allow you to continue to use your account without needing to contact the help desk.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Verify your email address is correct and/or correct any errors.
  11.  Click OK.
    • If you receive the message that your email already exists, this means an account has already been created with that email address.
    • If you receive the message invalid character(s), check to see if you used an ampersand, apostrophe, quote, or slash in the secret question or answer.
  12. After processing, you will see Self-Registration, your name, and the first paragraph of the message beginning with: You are ready to proceed to Step 2.
  13. Click Log out.
  14. Go to your email account where you should have received, or will generally receive within 10 minutes, an email from If you do NOT receive the email, check with your technology department or individual assigned to these duties, as possibly your district's spam filter is not allowing the email to reach you.
  15. Open the email and click the web link located in the third paragraph.
    • If you receive the message "cannot access", you will need to type the entire link shown in the email.
  16. You should be at a screen titled Account Activation - Final Step. Enter your WAMS User ID and password, and then click Log in.
  17. You should see Self-Registration, your name, and the message beginning "Congratulations! You have successfully created and activated your account..."
  18. Click Log out.


After you have finished the process of creating your WAMS ID, you will need to wait at least one hour before giving your WAMS ID to your DSA to assign rights for use in any of the WISE applications.

This WAMS account is your own personal account for doing business with the State of Wisconsin and should go with you wherever your future may take you.

All DPI WISEhome applications allow for a single sign-on using Google, which is an alternative log in method. Please read these details about the Google Single Sign-On process.

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