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School Directory Public Portal User Guide

Wisconsin School Public Portal Directory User Guide

School Directory

The online Wisconsin School Directory (public portal) is a searchable collection of public schools, private schools, and other education agencies in Wisconsin. Using the directory, you can search by school or district name, street address, city, or ZIP code to find important information about schools and school districts. This directory also includes map data about schools and districts, as well as a searchable directory of contact information for school and district personnel.

The School Directory public portal is unique from the secure application named, 'School Directory Update' that is assigned to school staff and accessible via WISEhome. 

This page includes a high-level tour of the online Wisconsin School Directory public portal and its features.

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Search for Schools and Districts

Quick Search

On the Wisconsin School Directory home page, you can use the search bar to search for schools, districts, and other agencies.

image of school directory home page

To search, enter a school or district name, street address, place or building name, or ZIP code into the search bar. Search results appear under the search bar.

image of search results on school directory home page

Detailed Search

To access more detailed search options, you can use the links on the home page or across the top of the screen to search for School DistrictsPublic SchoolsPrivate Schools, or Contacts. Click the type of search you want to do to open a detailed search page. For example, the below image shows the Districts search page.

image of the district search page

On the detailed search pages, you can use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down your search. The filter options are specific to the type of search. Available filters include:

  • District Search: District Status, District Type, District Programs, School Programs, School Type, CESA, Locale, County, Athletic Conference
  • Public School Search: District, School Status, School Programs, School Type, Grades Served, CESA, Locale, County
  • Private School Search:  School Status, School Programs, School Type, Grades Served, County

For more information on the filter options available, refer to the Wisconsin School Directory - Data Elements page.

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School and District Profiles

Viewing School and District Data

Once you've found the school or district you're looking for, click its name in the search results to open its profile. See below for example images of district and school profiles.

District profile:

image of a district profile

image of district location overview

School profile:

image of a school profile

District and school profiles include a wide variety of information, including school types, school status, programs that schools or districts participate in, nearby schools and districts, athletic conferences, and other data. For a full list of the kinds of information district and school profiles include, refer to the Wisconsin School Directory - Data Elements page.

While viewing a district or school profile, you can click on the info button (image of the info icon) for more information about each data category included.

Interactive Maps

On the right side of a district or school profile, you can see an interactive map showing nearby schools, districts, and libraries. On school profile maps, you can use the Show schools within slider to increase the range in which nearby schools, districts, and libraries are shown.

image of interactive map tool

School List

District profiles also include a searchable list of schools in that district. You can filter this list by school type, school category, or school programs, and search by school name or school code. Click on the name of a school to open its school profile.

image of district school list


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You can find contact information for district and school personnel using the Wisconsin School Directory. To do so, you can either search for contacts using the Contacts search option covered above, or click the More Contacts button from within a district or school profile.

image of contacts list in a district profile

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Export and Print Data

Using the Download Data (image of download data button) and Export PDF (image of export pdf button) buttons, you can download or print Wisconsin School Directory search results to work with offline. These buttons are located at the top-right of the screen on the District, Public School, Private School, and Contacts search pages.

image showing the location of the download and export buttons

Download Data as a CSV File

The Download Data button lets you download your search results as a .csv file, which you can open using Microsoft Excel. To do so:

  1. Search for the schools or districts you want your .csv file to include, using the search bar or any filter options.
  2. Click the Download Data button once you have the search results you need. Save the .csv file to your computer.
  3. Open the .csv file using Microsoft Excel to view the exported data.

image of an example CSV file

Export Data as a Printable PDF

The Export PDF button lets you download your search results as a .pdf file that has been formatted to be easily printable. To do so:

  1. Search for the schools or districts you want your .pdf file to include, using the search bar or any filter options.
  2. Click the Download Data button once you have the search results you need. Save the .pdf file to your computer.
  3. Open the .pdf file using your computer's PDF viewer to review the data or print the document.

image of an example PDF file

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