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Data Security

Data Security

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Each year, all Wisconsin school districts collect information about their students, staff, and courses based on federal and state requirements. These data sets are submitted to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) where they’re stored in the data warehouse, and made available in both secure and redacted platforms.

To view redacted data, visit the WISEdash Public Portal. To learn more about redacted data, visit the WISEdash Help: About Redacted Data and Student Privacy page

To view and work with student data, users must have the appropriate security for a WISE application. Each user accessing any of the secure WISE applications needs a WAMS ID to log in to the various WISE applications. Users enter their WAMS credentials (i.e., username and password) via WISEhome, a portal that allows authorized users to access its applications and tools in one location.

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Requesting Data from DPI

As the State Educational Agency (SEA), SPI is the steward of historical and current data records. The Wisconsin DPI Data Requests page provides viewers with links to frequently requested DPI data. 

Use the Confidential Data Request form if you have a need to request confidential data for a purpose that complies with data privacy and confidentiality required by federal and state law.

Use the Non-Confidential Data Request form to request public data not available on the DPI website, or if you need assistance in locating data. You can also contact the Wisconsin Historical Society if the data you are requesting is over 50 years old. 

Use the Data Use Agreement Modification form to submit a modification request for an existing Data Use Agreement (DUA) with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Use the Data Destruction Certification form to certify you have destroyed all data received and any personally identifiable information connected with the Data Use Agreement (DUA) in accordance to the expired DUA or when the data is no longer needed for the purposes of the DUA, whichever comes first. 

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