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Private School Choice Programs

The Private School Choice Programs include the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), the Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP) and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program or statewide program (WPCP). Schools participating in the program receive a state aid payment for each eligible student on behalf of the student’s parent or guardian. 

Determination of which program a student is eligible for is based on where in Wisconsin a student resides. 

  • If a student resides in the City of Milwaukee, they are eligible to apply to the MPCP. 
  • If a student resides in the Racine Unified School District, they are eligible to apply to the RPCP. 
  • If a student resides outside of the City of Milwaukee and the Racine Unified school district, they are eligible to apply to the WPCP.  

Student eligibility, which is established by state law, varies for each program. Student eligibility is a combination of student residence, income and prior year attendance. There is also an age requirement that must be met for grades K4, K5, and 1.

For further information on the Private School Choice Programs, click on the Student Application Information link below.

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