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Private School Choice Programs: 2024-25 New Schools Training

Requirements for Training Completion

Training participants must complete the following. All Choice administrators for schools new to the Choice programs in the 2024-25 school year must complete this training.  This should be completed by April 5, 2024.

  1. Watch or read each of the Fiscal Management training modules below.
  2. Complete the online quiz on the Fiscal Management training. *Please note that the Holy Love budget you load into the quiz will have Errors in the Error Report and will not meet all of the Choice program financial viability requirements. You do not need to try to resolve the errors or remove the financial viability issues in Holy Love's budget unless the training specifically indicates you should enter information/amounts in the example budget and cash flow report.*
  3. Upload the completed 2024-25 Budget and Cash Flow Report ("Budget") for the sample school (Holy Love) in the online quiz. The Fiscal Management training modules will explain how to complete the Budget and what information should be input for the example school.

Questions on the training or Fiscal Management requirements should be emailed to

Live virtual Q&A sessions will be provided in March & April.  See below for the dates and information on what will be covered.


General Information, Pupil Counts, Expense Requirements, & Revenue Requirements (Budget Cover Page & Sch 1-4)



Title Recording PDF of Slides
General Info - Cover Page & Sch 1 Recording Slides PDF 
Income Statement Review - Sch 3A Recording Slides PDF
Anticipated Enrollments - Sch 2 Recording Slides PDF
Expense Overview & Salary Expenses - Sch 3-1 Recording Slides PDF
General Expenses - Sch 3-2 Recording Slides PDF 
Expenses & Expense Review - Sch 3-3 Recording Slides PDF
Tuition, Fees & Government Assistance - Sch 4-1 Recording Slides PDF
Other Revenues & Review - Sch 4-2, 4-3 & 4-4 Recording Slides PDF

Fixed Assets Requirements, Debt, Financial Statements & Final Schedule Review (Budget Sch 5-12)



Title Recording PDF of Slides
Fixed Assets - Sch 5 Recording Slides PDF
Debt - Sch 6 Recording Slides PDF
Financial Statements & Reserve Balance - Sch 7-10 Recording Slides PDF
Contingency, Low Budget, & Final Review - Sch 11 & 12 Recording Slides PDF
Holy Love Example Review N/A Slide PDF


Live Virtual Q&A Sessions

In order to assist schools in understanding the fiscal requirements for the program and provide schools with the opportunity to ask question on the training materials, the department will provide a series of live virtual sessions. These sessions are optional but the department strongly encourages schools attend the sessions. For the first three sessions, the initial part of each session will provide an overview of some of the fiscal management topics. The remainder of the session will be open for questions on any topics in the fiscal management training. The final session is a Q&A session only. The department strongly encourages participants watch and/or read the required on demand virtual modules on each topic prior to the corresponding live session.  However, it is not required.

Since the department will be sharing PowerPoints and/or screens on Microsoft Teams during the training, participants are encouraged to participate online with Microsoft Teams by clicking on the applicable Microsoft Teams Link below. However, an audio only option is available if a school does not have an Internet connection during the training.

Overview Provided During Session When Recommended Advance Trainings

Meeting Link &Call In Number (Audio only)

1) Overview of Surety Bond and Budget
2) Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Requirements
3) Budget & Financial Requirements Overview
Thursday, March 7, from 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Recommended Advance Training

Microsoft Teams Link

Meeting ID: 265 979 283 155
Passcode: 5ToZgx

608-620-9781, Phone Conference ID: 308 085 76#

1) General Information (Cover Page & Budget Sch 1)
2) Pupil Counts (Budget Sch 2)
2) Expense Requirements (Budget Sch 3)
4) Non-Choice Revenues (Budget Sch 4)
Thursday, March 14, from 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM


Recommended Advance Training

Microsoft Teams Link

Meeting ID: 287 097 306 376
Passcode: USjJB9

608-620-9781, Phone Conference ID: 709 637 237#

1) Fixed Assets (Budget Sch 5)
2) Debt (Budget Sch 6)
2) Financial Statements Completion & Final Schedule Review (Budget Sch 7 to 12)
Tuesday, March 26, from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Recommended Advance Training

Microsoft Teams Link

Meeting ID: 225 060 828 69
Passcode: s5CeSk

608-620-9781, Phone Conference ID: 588 972 882#

Budget  & Surety Bond Q&A Session There will be no prepared content for this session.  This session is an opportunity to ask any final questions before submitting the budget or bond.

Monday, April 15, from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM N/A

Microsoft Teams Link

Meeting ID: 274 330 837 154
Passcode: BFiqYV

608-620-9781, Phone Conference ID: 467 848 325#


Who should complete the training?

  • All Choice administrators for schools new to the Choice programs in the 2024-25 school year must complete this training. It is also strongly advised that the accountant/bookeeper for the school also complete the training. Finally, schools should consider having more than one representative who qualifies to serve as the school’s Choice administrator complete the training. (Note: the Choice administrator must meet the educational credential requirement as described in the Staff Credentials Bulletin on the Bulletins webpage.)
  • New schools are not permitted to change who will serve as the Choice administrator prior to August 1, 2024 unless the individual has completed the fiscal management training.

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