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Private School Choice Programs: School Submitted Reports and Forms

There is a variety of reports and forms schools use to accomplish tasks within the Choice programs. 
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Forms to Update School Related Information

This form is used when a continuing school will have a new Choice administrator* OR when a new or continuing school Choice administrator must change his/her contact information.
*See the Choice Administrator Training and Access to OAS webpage for training required to become a Choice administrator.
This form is used when a new or continuing school will have new designee(s)** OR when there is a change to contact information for a current designee of a new or continuing Choice school.
**See the Designee Training and OAS Access webpage for training required to become a designee.
This form is used to report changes in the school’s governing board members by August 1 of every year. In addition, schools should use the form to report changes to board members’ contact information as they occur throughout the year.

ONLY Choice administrators may complete and submit this form.

Choice administrators use this form to report the following:
Change in school's name
Addition or removal of a school location
Change in grades offered to MPCP and/or RPCP students
Change in all grades offered by the school
Change in school term end date

Disclosure of Information

This form is used primarily by new schools to communicate select school policies with the DPI and with parents at the time they apply for the program.

Continuing schools reporting changes in the school's governing board members must use the Governing Board Information Update form located above and should not submit the Disclosure of Information form.

Private School – All Students Report Card

This form is used to indicate whether a school would like to have just the Choice students included in the required report card or if they would like all of their students to be included in a report card. 

Budget and Cash Flow Report


Materials explaining how to complete the 2024-25 Budget and Cash Flow Report are available on the New School Financial Management Training webpage.

Hours of Instruction Report

Schools new to the Choice program in the 2024-25 school year must submit the 2024-25 DPI Hours of Instruction Report by emailing it to as an Excel document by May 1, 2024

Schools that participated in the Choice program in the 2023-24 school year are not required to submit the 2024-25 Hours of Instruction Excel Report to DPI unless specifically requested.  Schools may use the Hours of Instruction Report as a tool to help ensure the school meets the hours of instruction requirements.

Schools may not end the school term early without permission from the DPI.  Please use the School Information Update form above to request a change.