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Private School Choice Programs: Data and Reports

The Private School Choice Programs include the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP), the Racine Parental Choice Program (RPCP) and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program or statewide program (WPCP). Schools participating in the program receive a state aid payment for each eligible student on behalf of the student’s parent or guardian.

If you are a school district looking for fiscal information about the Private School Choice Programs, please see the Private School Vouchers Fiscal Information webpage. The Department is unable to provide school districts information on what specific students are participating in the Private School Choice Programs.

Programs Summary - School Enrollment and Estimated Payment (MPCP, RPCP, WPCP & SNSP)

2023-24 Information is included below. For additional data, please use links on the left menu bar.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program 

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program 

Racine Parental Choice Program 

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