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Private School Choice Programs: Training

Training is available for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Private School Choice Programs. Instructions are organized by Training and Quizzes for New Choice Schools, Training and Quizzes for Continuing Choice Schools, and Training for Any Choice School.  Each one of these is described below.

Training and Quizzes for New 2021-22 Choice Schools


Choice administrators for new schools must complete the following training and quizzes:
• In February or March, Fiscal Management Training* (coming soon for 2021-22 school year)
Choice administrators for new schools that do not complete Program Requirements and OAS Access trainings and quizzes by the deadlines listed above will lose access to the OAS as of January 29, and will not be able to process Choice applications.
Designees for new schools must complete the Online Application System (OAS) Access Trainings and Quiz (Online).  In addition, designees must submit a Designee Authorization and Update form, located on our School Submitted Reports and Forms webpage, prior to gaining access.  New School designee access to OAS will be granted beginning in mid-January.
*Choice administrators will receive an email after January 10 with information regarding registering for the Fiscal Management Training. The DPI strongly recommends that new schools have more than one representative who qualifies to serve as the school's Choice administrator complete the training. The Choice administrator must meet the educational credential requirement as described in the Staff Credentials Bulletin). In addition, new schools are not permitted to change Choice administrators prior to August 1, unless the individual has completed the required training, including the Fiscal Management Training.

Training and Quizzes for New Choice Administrators at Existing Choice Schools

New Choice administrators of schools currently participating in the Choice program must complete the following trainings and quizzes and submit a School Information Update Form to the DPI prior to receiving access to OAS :

Training and Quizzes for New Designees at New and Existing Choice Schools

Choice designees (individuals appointed by the Choice administrator to help process applications) must complete trainings and a quiz and submit a Designee Authorization Form to the DPI prior to receiving access to OAS.  Information can be found at:

Training for Any Choice School: On Demand Trainings

See the On Demand Training page for a list of trainings that Choice school staff can complete for a refresher on the Choice program requirements or to learn more about the programs.

If you have any questions, please e-mail
or call toll free 1-888-245-2732 ext. 3.