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Private School Choice Programs-Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Report

The auditor is required to complete the Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Report by December 15th.  The documents below are to be used when completing these audits.


Report Submission

The PDF version of the Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Report, including the school management’s response to all findings of non-compliance except for any non-compliance items noted in Item 13 (if required), must be loaded to the 2023-24 Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Reports Kiteworks folder by December 15th. The documents loaded to Kiteworks should use the following naming conventions:

  • Fiscal & Internal Control Practices Report: {School Name on the Cover Page of the Enrollment Audit} 23-24 FICPR
  • Management Reponse Letter (if applicable): {School Name on the Cover Page of the Enrollment Audit} 23-24 FICPR Mgmt Response

All auditors on the auditor listserve and all Choice administrators will be given access to the folder. Please be aware you will not be able to see reports loaded by any other individual. Faxed, emailed, or mailed copies or links to Google docs will not be accepted. See the Kiteworks Instructions for information on how to load the report and set up your account.








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For questions about this information, contact Andrea Kratz (608) 267-1291