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What is WISEdata?

WISEdata is composed of services aimed at streamlining the process of collecting required state and federal data from schools. The resources provided here are targeted for vendors that need to enhance their systems to integrate with the new functionality deployed by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) .

WDP Cycle

The services include: WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration, WISEdata Ed-Fi Credentialing, WISEdata Ed-Fi Identity Integration (WISEid), and WISEdata Ed-Fi Finance Integration.

WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration

School districts are already tracking attendance, discipline, enrollment, and other data related to student performance. The goal of the WISEdata Ed-Fi integration project is to make it easier for districts to report required data in a more timely fashion. Student information system (SIS) vendors, school finance system vendors, and other technology providers will be able to use the Ed-Fi data standard and suite of technology to pass required data real-time using the Ed-Fi REST API.

For more information about Ed-Fi Integration, please visit the Ed-Fi Integration page.

WISEdata Ed-Fi Credential Application

The Ed-Fi Credential application can be accessed through the WISEhome menu as with other WISE applications. This application generates encryption keys and secrets that are used to establish a secure connection between the vendor system and DPI. These keys and secrets are sensitive information that should be kept confidential. Staff members from schools/districts have access to the Ed-Fi Credential application to authorize and manage systems so vendors can submit data on the school/district's behalf.

In addition to the security credentials information, the Ed-Fi Credential application includes the LEA Monitoring page. This page gives vendors a view to the L1 and L2 of validation rules that schools/districts see in the WISEdata Portal. These validation messages can provide vendors important actionable insights and they may use them to make decisions to improve their product and operational processes. Vendors can track not only the average number of errors displayed in the last 24 hours, but also the see specifics about these errors including the validation category and the knowledge base article for each error.

For more information about DPI's Ed-Fi Credential application, please visit the Ed-Fi Credential Application Vendor User Guide.

WISEdata Ed-Fi Identity Integration (WISEid)

WISEid is initially responsible for recording and assigning unique identifiers for students and Wisconsin LEA staff, replacing the previous usage of social security numbers. This system serves as the main hub for all future collection systems when referencing or linking data to a person, whether staff member, student, or parent.

With the WISEdata Ed-Fi Identity Integration, vendors can implement a real-time (versus batch) identity solution in their product that allows school/district staff to search, find and create WISEids within their student information system (SIS) product as they add students. However, Parent/Guardian and Birth County updates are currently not supported in the WISEdata Ed-Fi Identity integration. Schools/districts will have to use the WISEid file uploads and/or edits to add/edit the Parent/Guardian and Birth County fields.

The WISEid detailed file upload specifications and templates can be found on the File Layouts and Templates page.

WISEdata Ed-Fi Finance Integration

Similar to the WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration, WISEdata Finance Portal will capture data from the school's financial data system, store the data in DPI’s Ed-Fi Agency ODS, perform data validations, and report data based on the PI-1504 and PI-1505 State reporting requirements. The WISEdata Ed-Fi Finance Integration helps eliminate the manual part of financial reporting, and provides better consistency with DPI and local accounts side by side.

For more information about DPI's SFS data collection requirements, visit the School Financial Services page.

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