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WISEdata - Vendor Information

WISEdata is composed of services aimed at streamlining the process of collecting required state and federal data from schools. The resources provided here are targeted for SIS vendors that need to enhance their systems to integrate with the new functionality deployed by DPI.

The services include: WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration, WISEid (includes WISEstaff), and WISEsecure.

WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration

School districts are already tracking attendance, discipline, enrollment, and other data related to student performance. The goal of the WISEdata Ed-Fi integration project is to make it easier for districts to report required data in a more timely fashion. Student Information System (SIS) vendors will be able to use the Ed-Fi Data Standard and suite of technology to pass required data real-time using the Ed-Fi REST API.

Ed-Fi Integration



WISEid is initially responsible for recording and assigning unique identifiers for students and Wisconsin LEA staff, replacing the previous usage of social security numbers. This system will serve as the main hub for all future collection systems when referencing or linking data to a person, whether staff member, student, or parent.

WISEid and WISEstaff file layouts and templates



WISEsecure provides privacy protection to users and allows single sign-on capabilities to be added to internal DPI and vendor applications. Check back for more information on this initiative.

DPI-Recommended Best Practices

After frequent conversations with both SIS vendors and schools, we have established some recommendations about what works well when submitting data. 

*To learn DPI recommendations about sending data, read SIS Vendor Best Practices.


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