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Ed-Fi Credential Application

Ed-Fi Credential Application: Overview

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The Ed-Fi Credential application can be accessed through the Secure Home menu as with other WISE applications so long as you have the appropriate security. It is likely only a select number of people (maybe even only one) will have access to the Ed-Fi Credential application. The first time you open the application you will need to accept the terms of use popup that displays. Once you set up your student information system (SIS) vendor(s), you generally won't have to access this application again unless you change your SIS.

You will see two main sections for SIS vendor subscriptions: Primary SIS Vendor and Specialized Vendor. You'll also see subsections with Read/Write and Read Only access options. Within the Read/Write section you will also notice you may add SIS subscriptions for either ALL schools in your agency or select schools within your agency. If you have already subscribed to any vendors, you will see them listed. The next section of the tutorial will cover how to add a SIS subscription followed by a section on how to add special education-only vendors.

Adding a SIS Subscription

The Read/Write section at the top of the Ed-Fi Credential application page is where you will add a SIS vendor. Note, you will only be able to add a SIS that has been certified as integrated with the Ed-Fi API. Adding a SIS enables them to view and/or enter data that will be submitted on your behalf to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for reporting purposes. For a list of SIS vendors and their certification status, refer to the Vendor List.

Follow the steps below to add a SIS.


  1. Determine whether the subscription is for all schools in your district or only select schools.
  2. Under All Schools or Selected Schools Only, click the Add button to add a new SIS subscription.  
  3. In the New Subscription window, fill out the following fields:
    • Vendor Name. Select your SIS vendor from the drop-down list. Only certified SIS options display.
    • Resource Access. Select the access level you wish to give them from the drop-down menu. For your primary SIS vendor, choose Write on all student data.
    • Schools. This field appears only under the Selected Schools Only section. Enter the schools you want to add the SIS subscription for.
    • No Access After School Year. If you choose for the SIS vendor's full access to end after a certain year, then enter that year in the No Access After School Year field. For instance, if you will start sending special education data via SEEDS in 2019-20 school year and no longer via your primary SIS after 2018-19, enter 2019 here.
    • Read Only Prior to School Year. If you select a school year, the vendor you add will have read-only access to data prior to that school year.
  4. Once you're done, click Save Changes at the bottom of the window to add the SIS subscription.
  5. Once your SIS is added, back on the main page, you will see them listed along with a Key and Secret. The Key and Secret must be given to the SIS vendor in order for them to start sending data on your behalf.

Adding a new subscription

If you have additional vendors that may need to view your data, but you don't want them to have any entry access to the data, you can add the subscription in the Read Only section. However, most of the time you will be adding a subscription for a primary SIS vendor that you will want to permit full access.

Adding a Special Education-only or Other Specialized SIS Vendor

Many schools choose to add a special education or Discipline SIS vendor in addition to their primary SIS. Not only do we at DPI not want you to have to enter special education or Discipline data in multiple places, but we also do NOT want your data to accidentally be sent twice in the event that both vendors try to send the data. WISEdata will reject special education or Discipline data from the primary SIS once it's past the boundary year for you to start sending special education or Discipline data via your additional specialized SIS. As a result, the process of adding a secondary, specialized SIS is more complex than adding the original, primary SIS and requires you to follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Before you can add your special education-only or Discipline SIS, you must modify the unlimited access your primary SIS used to have. First, in the Primary SIS Read/Write section, locate the row for your primary SIS. On the far right column under the Reset Secret button, click Modify Access. 
  2. Vendor Name: Select your primary SIS vendor from the drop-down menu.
  3. Resource Access: Choose the option in the drop-down menu for Write on all student, (enrollment, program, discipline, roster and grade data) with special education write access ending after a specified year
  4. Boundary Year: Enter the year prior to the year you entered in the above special education-only SIS Boundary Year (the year of the latter part of the school year that's the last school year prior to when you will be sending Discipline or special education data via the specialized SIS instead). For example, if you plan to start sending special education data via your new special-education SIS in the upcoming 2018-19 school year (Boundary Year 2019), then you would enter 2018 into the Boundary Year field for your primary SIS.
  5. Click Update


  6.  Now in the Specialized Vendors section, click Add Subscription at the top of the Read/Write section for either ALL schools or select schools within the agency.
  7. Vendor Name: Select your special education-only or Discipline vendor, such as SEEDS, OASYS, or EduClimber. Note, vendors are not listed alphabetically.
  8. Resource Access: Choose the option in the drop-down menu for Read/Write on student special education/program data with access starting in a specified year
  9. Boundary Year: Enter the year for the latter part of the school year in which you plan to start using this SIS. For example, to start allowing your special education-only SIS to send data for this upcoming 2018-19 school year, type 2019 in the field.    ​​ 
  10. Click Update
  11. Clicking Update generates the security credentials required to allow the specialized vendor to transmit data to WISEdata. Additionally, the Discipline or special education-only vendor will receive an email that you have 'Subscribed' to their tool.
    1. The special education-only vendor can then obtain the security credentials that were generated through their Ed-Fi Credential application access.
    2. They have to enter the credentials that represent your LEA so that your data will transmit to WISEdata.


    3. The main Ed-Fi Credential application page should now have a section for both the Primary SIS vendor and your Specialized SIS vendor with their respective information.



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