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These documents support the development of systems that integrate with the WISEdata Ed-Fi API / ODS. The Wisconsin Ed-Fi Vendor Certification procedure ensures the alignment of vended products with the State's regulatory requirements. This documentation is intended for application developers who are in the process of integrating with the WISEdata Ed-Fi API.

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WI DPI WISEdata Ed-Fi Docs:

The WI DPI WISEdata Ed-Fi Docs is a collection of resources, below are shortcuts to a few of the most popular documents.

Certification Resources

The certification process ensures interoperability between vendors' products used by Wisconsin's school districts, charter schools, and private schools participating in a parental Choice program and WISEdata Ed-Fi applications. Certification applies to vendors that send data to WISEdata whenever there is a requirement change. This certification process is intended to test that the data submitted from the vendor's system is delivered as expected.

  • After you review the requirement specifications with Wisconsin's DPI, and complete development and internal testing:
  1. Re-review Wisconsin's DPI use cases (see Development Resources above) for the specific collection you will be certifying on.
  2. Make sure you have covered all the use cases in development and testing.
  3. Contact Wisconsin's DPI to schedule a session to work through State-specific use case testing.
  • When integration testing and certification is complete, Wisconsin's DPI will issue production credentials to allow the certified vendor to send data for that collection on behalf of the LEA.
  • Wisconsin's DPI highly recommends conducting beta testing with one or two LEAs in production. During beta testing, Wisconsin's DPI will review the data submitted and monitor API logs for errors.
  • Wisconsin's DPI encourages vendors and LEAs to review the validation messages and the data, using the Ed-Fi Credential application and the WISEdata Portal to verify that the data sent is what was received in WISEdata and to design input validations on the vendor's product to prevent erroneous data as applicable.
  • Once Wisconsin's DPI, the vendor and LEA agree that the steps in #3 and #4 did not identify any critical issues, the vendor can open up the new collections to additional LEAs.


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