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Timeline for the Monitoring Process

This webpage references the on-site monitoring visit. However, during the 2021-22 school year, the on-site monitoring visit will be a virtual meeting rather than in-person.

Initial Notification:

DPI will notify LEAs of their selection status for ESEA monitoring in the fall. LEAs that have been selected will receive their notification at least two months in advance of their scheduled visit.

Document Collection:

LEAs must submit all required documentation as outlined under the monitoring guidance document through the DPI ESEA monitoring collection tool. See the ESEA Monitoring Document Submission Procedures for information on how to submit documentation using the collection tool.  

On-Site Monitoring Visit:

DPI will schedule and conduct the on-site visit on a date that has been mutually agreed upon with the LEA. Virtual visits will take place in 2022. Prior to the visit, LEAs must have submitted all required documentation through the DPI ESEA monitoring collection tool.

Post-Visit Feedback:

DPI will present preliminary feedback to the LEA at the conclusion of the on-site visit. DPI will also send a formal written report to the LEA within six weeks after the visit. The formal report will include strengths, weaknesses, any corrective action necessary, and offers of technical assistance, if needed. The LEA will have within 30 days from receiving the report to respond to the corrective action and submit updated materials.

Time Commitment:

On-site monitoring visits take roughly a half-day and will range from three to four hours depending on the size of the LEA.

Document collection and submission varies from LEA to LEA due to both the type and quantity of funding.