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Data Errata - Data Changes after DPI Publication

Data Errata

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Districts work very hard to provide the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) with student demographic, attendance, enrollment, and special education data. They diligently compile and, nearly without fail, report this data, through WISEdata, to DPI in a timely fashion. The DPI then takes this data, aggregates it, and passes it on to you, the data consumer, through various means such as WISEdash, SDPR, Report Cards, and federal reporting.

Unfortunately, this process is not perfect, and there are times when data is misreported or not reported in a timely fashion. The following data errata are cases of such events. We present these not because we are proud of such events but because, even in cases where we cannot report the data through the above tools, we want to be diligent in providing you with the most accurate information possible.

Errata are changes that occur after final publication. Errata should be consulted for any dataset downloaded or used in educational research. At the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), we maintain this master errata page that contains changes brought to DPI's attention by school districts AFTER the data has been published on WISEdash or on another data page at DPI.

The corrections are submitted by school districts on letterhead memos without ANY student-specific information in the following process:

  1. A school district is advised by DPI or recognizes that an error exists in the final data that was submitted by school districts after the final publication of the data report.
  2. Districts submit errata on school district letterhead to the Customer Services Team. It is imperative that you do not include any student-specific data (PII) for confidentiality and privacy reasons. We recommend submitting these letters electronically in PDF format to Michelle Jones at

Once we receive the errata PDFs, they are posted to the DPI website. Listed below are errata pages, or data corrections, for information that has been published by DPI. The corrections were submitted by school districts after the final publication of data. Please accept these data errata pages in the spirit in which they were intended as we continue to strive to improve our processes with the goal of reducing and eliminating such events.

For questions about this information, contact Michelle Jones (608) 267-1289