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Inquiry Process

Report Card Inquiry Period:  October 1-11th

The secure release of the 2018-19 preliminary report cards on October 1, 2019 opened the report card inquiry period, a window of time in which schools and districts could notify OEA of suspected data submission errors.

**The last day to open a report card inquiry was October 11, 2019.**

Please note that this deadline was to open (not complete) an inquiry and any ongoing inquiries opened prior to this date will be reviewed and processed prior to the public release of report cards in November.

Once OEA has had a chance to review your inquiry, you will receive a reply. If warranted, an OEA analyst will reply with instructions for sending evidence via a secure file transfer. It is critical that you submit your evidence by the deadline that the OEA analyst gives you.

If changes from an inquiry are substantiated, OEA will manually correct the student-level data and update the report cards. However, no data corrections will alter the value-added growth scores as these calculations are produced outside of DPI and cannot be altered. Additionally, no data corrections will alter what is reported in the WISEdash Public Portal as this is certified and locked data.


Federal Accountability (ESSA & IDEA) Report Inquiries

The ESSA Accountability Reports and IDEA LEA Determinations are part of federal systems of school identification that are separate from (state) Accountability Report Cards. Though these systems of identification are distinct, there is overlap in the data sources and the report card inquiry period from October 1-11th applies to both of these accountability systems. Any changes that may result from an Accountability Report Card inquiry will carry forward to related ESSA Accountability Reports and IDEA LEA Determinations. There is no separate inquiry period for ESSA Accountability Reports and IDEA LEA Determinations.


For more information on report cards, please visit the Accountability Resources page. If you need help understanding the report card system, your report card or specific scores, please contact your Accountability Trainer or OEA.