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Timeline for 2016-17 Report Cards 

School and district report cards for the 2016-17 school year will be released in Fall 2017. 

Note: All dates are tentative and will be updated as soon as possible. All secure report cards and their data are embargoed. Secure report cards are not redacted and should never be shared publicly in order to protect student privacy. 

When What

June 2017

ALTERNATE ACCOUNTABILITY: the majority of schools in the alternate accountability process submit the Alternate Accountability Determination Form; these schools will receive an alternate rating on the fall report cards.

June 2017

DEDUCTION INQUIRY PROCESS: schools and districts notified of deductions for absenteeism or dropout rate (student engagement indicators) have an opportunity to review the data leading to the deduction.

September 7-21, 2017

ALTERNATE ACCOUNTABILITY DUE: OEA notifies schools with less than 20 FAY tested students of the need to complete Alternate Accountability form, due 9/21/17. Any school in the alternate process that fails to submit the form will receive a "Needs Improvement" rating on the preliminary report card (secure release).

October 17, 2017

SECURE RELEASE: Preliminary, secure report cards released via SAFE; this provides schools and districts with an opportunity to review their embargoed report card data, and initiate an inquiry if needed. 

REPORT CARD INQUIRY PROCESS: The secure release opens the one-week report card inquiry period. OEA works directly with schools and districts that have open inquiries.

October 24, 2017

Report card inquiry window closes. 

October 2017 

FINAL REVIEW: In the weeks that follow the inquiry period, OEA will process any corrections that result from the inquiry period, and perform final QA checks on report card data. OEA works with schools and districts to prepare local communications in anticipation of the public release.

November 21, 2017

PUBLIC RELEASE: Final, redacted report cards released online.



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