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Timeline for 2015-16 Report Cards 

School and district report cards for the 2015-16 school year will be released in Fall 2016. Some aspects of the report cards are new to the accountability system. For further details, please see:
10 Things You Need to Know about 2015-16 Accountability

Note: All dates are tentative and will be updated as soon as possible. All secure report cards and their data are embargoed. Secure report cards are not redacted and should never be shared publicly in order to protect student privacy. 

OEA has received a record number of inquiries this year. We are actively working with schools and districts that submitted forms to resolve inquiries as quickly as possible. It is important to us that we provide updated versions of the secure report card for those with data changes to review prior to the public release. Given the amount of inquiries we have received, OEA will push the public release date of the report cards to November 17. This will allow us time to resolve inquiries accurately, update the report cards appropriately, and give schools and districts sufficient time with any updated results to prepare for the public release.

When What
9/26/16 SECURE RELEASE: Preliminary, secure report cards released in SAFE; this provides schools and districts with an opportunity to review their embargoed report card data, and initiate an inquiry process if needed.
9/26-10/3/16 INQUIRY FORMS: Collection of report card inquiry forms; window closes on October 3.

INQUIRY PROCESS: Report card inquiry process; OEA works directly with schools and districts that have open inquiries.

10/31-11/14/16 FINAL REVIEW: OEA works with schools and districts to prepare local communications for the public release.
11/17/16 PUBLIC RELEASE: Final, redacted report cards released online.



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