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About Wisconsin Accountability

School Accountability Systems

Wisconsin now has separate state and federal accountability systems. To compare the two school accountability systems, please refer to the Accountability Crosswalk.

The purpose of the state accountability system (the Accountability Report Cards, also known as the School and District Report Cards) is to provide a rating system that meaningfully differentiates school and district outcomes across the performance spectrum. The purpose of the (new) federal accountability system is to identify the lowest performing schools and student groups for support as required in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The ESSA accountability system ranks performance resulting in the following identification cateogories: Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI), Targeted Support & Improvement Schools (TSI), Additional Targeted Support (ATSI), or Not Identified.

Coming Up in Accountability

The 2018-19 Accountability Report Cards, to be released in Fall 2019, will incorporate Aspire test data. Both 9th and 10th Grade Aspire results will be included in the scoring. In anticipation of including Aspire data in next year's report cards, and to familiarize high schools with value-added growth modeling, we have produced preview reports for schools and districts with Aspire grades. These reports are not a prediction, but rather offer a glimpse of what high school value-added scores could look like. High schools and districts can view their HS Growth Preview Report in SAFE

The 2019-20 Accountability Report Cards, to be released in Fall 2020, will begin reporting on a variety of college and career readiness metrics, as required by Act 59. Further details on CCR and the report cards can be found here

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