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CTEERS Basic Facts and Follow-up

Career and technical education focuses on exploration of the self in relation to the world of work. Students discover their interests, talents, abilities, and the niches where those talents and abilities are best used. Career and technical education also equips students with research skills to enable them to form a realistic picture of job opportunities. In essence, career and technical education brings greater satisfaction and relevance to career choices. Career and technical education better prepares students for all post-high school opportunities. Whether moving on to further education, training, or employment, every Wisconsin student moves through curriculum-based career awareness, exploration, planning, and preparation leading to a realistic individualized career plan which is compatible with the student's abilities, aptitudes, and interests.

Following are key components of career and technical education at the secondary level in Wisconsin:

  • the level of secondary school districts involved
  • the number of students involved
  • the equity and access of participation
  • the graduation rate of participants
  • follow-up of graduate completers

CTEERS Basic Fact Instructions

CTEERS Basic Facts

These workbooks may be used to look up and compare individual districts and schools and also to the state.

Click here for CTEERS Basic Facts from reporting years 2001-2004.

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