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Behavior Descriptor

Behavior Descriptor: Discipline

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Behavior for which the offender is deemed the perpetrator of an incident. Behaviors are ranked in order of severity with handgun being the most severe. This element was known as incident type in ISES. Behavior is always required.

Behavior Firearm Related?
Handgun Y
Shotgun or rifle Y
Other firearm Y
Dangerous weapon (not firearm) N
Assault N
Endangering behavior N
Drug-related N
Alcohol-related N
Other violation of school rules N

USES: This data element assists with tracking behavior types and statistics on weapons and drugs in schools.

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Discipline     *Note, all data elements flow into WISEdata at all times, not only during specified collection snapshots.

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Related Validations & Data Elements

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FAQs, Details, and Point to Note


  1. Behavior Ranking: The table values above display behavior in a particular hierarchy or most severe at the top to least severe at the bottom. When a district submits a behavior, or multiple behaviors, DPI will identify and report the most severely-ranked behavior. 
  2. Discipline FAQs & Use Cases: For more specific information, see the Discipline FAQs & Use Cases.

  3. DOC, DHS, PPP: No discipline information should be submitted for students in a Department of Corrections or Department of Health Services school or enrolled as a parentally-placed private student.


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