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Count Inclusion: 3rd Friday of September

3rd Friday of September Count Date Inclusion: WISEdata Calculated Field

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Count Date Inclusion denotes whether a student is enrolled and receiving services to be eligible for credit on the count date. 

Third Friday of September: For a student to be included in the Third Friday of September Count, the student must be enrolled in the school on the count date and the student must be assigned to a valid grade for his or her school. Effective Dates will be used to determine enrollment in the case of overlapping records. The student must also be between ages 3-21 as of the count date. The student must also have been marked as Present or Absent for Receiving Services. WISEdata logic will also review inclusion based on parentally-placed private (PPP) calculations, whether or not the school provides the primary educational services, and whether or not the student's enrollment is active. This element must NOT be sent for enrollment periods that do not include the count date. 

Count Date Status Code Description and Comments
Yes Y

Student has an active enrollment on the count date AND

  • student's age is equal to or over three years old
  • student's age is equal to or under 21 years old
  • student is marked as Present or Absent for Receiving Services on 3rd Friday of September
  • student must be assigned to a valid grade for his or her school
  • DPI Calculation of PPP is No or Null
  • student's primary educational services provided by the school
No N

Student has an active enrollment on the count date BUT

  • is not actively receiving services on the count date
  • Effective dates determine that the count date is not included in the enrollment
  • Student is under age three or over age 21
  • is not receiving primary educational services from this school
  • DPI PPP calculation is Yes
Null (Blank)

Student's enrollment does NOT cover the count date.


USES: Count Date Inclusion is used to determine enrollment and attendance information.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. Student Detail Search in WISEdata Portal: WISEdata displays the count inclusion flag and its determinants on the Student Detail Screen. Users will be able to see if the student's count inclusion for the count date is set to Yes, No, or Null (not set). The determining factors listed above in the calculations will also show there with a green checkmark if they satisfy the requirement for count inclusion and a red "no" symbol if they do not. This way it will be clear what data users should review and correct for a student to be included in the count date.



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