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Parent/Guardian: WISEdata

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This data element stores information in WISEdata about a student's parent or guardian. This data element includes several individual pieces of data collected by schools and districts, including the parent or guardian's name, address, and other contact information. Refer to the table below for optional and required components of this data element.

Please refer to the FAQs, Details and Points to Note section below the table for updated information about NEW! Parent/Guardian information and EBT funding for the 2023-24 school year




Unique ID Required A unique alphanumeric code assigned to a parent or guardian.
First Name Required The parent or guardian's first name.
Last Name Required The parent or guardian's surname.
Middle Name Optional The parent or guardian's middle name.
Addresses Optional** A home or mailing address for a parent or guardian.
Date of Birth Optional** The birthdate of the parent or guardian.
Emails Optional Email addresses for a parent or guardian, as well as a descriptor (Home/Personal or Work).
Languages Optional Which languages a parent or guardian speaks or writes.
Telephones Optional Telephone number for a parent or guardian.
Parent Reference Required A unique ID assigned to a parent or guardian for use in a student/parent association.
Student Reference Required A unique ID used to associate a student with a parent or guardian.
Relation Optional A descriptor of the individual's relation to the student: Father, Mother, Guardian, or Other.

USES: This data element is required for Choice and public schools. Storing parent and guardian information in WISEdata helps enable WISEdata to integrate with more services, including the Wisconsin eSchool Network and some special education vendors.

FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. NEW! for 2023-24 School Year: The Pandemic EBT program has ended. However, the federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 created a permanent Summer EBT program. Access to this program is especially important to schools that participate in Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) programs.
    • Access to this program requires parental information to be collected, as indicated in the table above: first name, last name, and school-created unique/reference codes.
    • ** The parent's date of birth and address are now required by the department of Health Services in order for families to access Summer EBT. 
      • Schools collect this required information and send it to DPI via WISEdata. DPI then shares this information with the Department of Health Services (DHS). 
    • If the required parental information is not collected for participating students, a WISEdata Portal warning will throw to alert LEAs participating in CEP and NSLP to obtain and/or send required parent information to DPI via WISEdata. Warnings can be 'acknowledged' if LEAs verify that the information entered is correct.
  2. Multiple parent home addresses

    • If the student has more than one primary address, such as if the student lives with multiple families while attending the same school, you can designate each of those addresses as the student's primary home address and submit each to WISEdata.

      Be sure to note which parent/s hold primary custody.

      WISEdata allows for multiple primary addresses; please check with your Student Information System (SIS) to see if your specific vendor tool supports this option as well.

  3. Moved to a new address during the school year but attends the same school:

    • In this scenario, update the student's primary home address in your SIS and submit it to WISEdata to replace the previous primary home address.

  4. Guardian has custody of student: 

    • In this scenario, use the address of who the child lives with.


  5. Homelessness:

  6. Foster Care/Group Home/Residential Care Center:


    • In this scenario, use the address of the out-of-home care (OHC) placement. The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the state agency that assists with OHC address.


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