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Student Address

Student Address: WISEdata

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Student Address is an optional data element that records the primary address where a student currently resides. This data element includes several components outlined in the table below.

This data element is optional, though submitting student addresses has the following benefits:

  • Allows your district to make use of digital equity data, including by using the Digital Bridge K-12 map to visualize internet connectivity in your district. For more information, refer to the DPI Digital Equity Gap page.
  • Helps increase the likelihood of an accurate match if looking up a student's immunizations in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR).
Field Description
Address Type The type of address submitted. Options include Home or Mailing address.
State Abbreviation The abbreviation of the student's state of residence, such as WI.
City The city where the student's primary address is located.
Postal Code The postal code for the student's primary address.
Street Number/Name The street name and street number of the student's primary address.


USES: This data element is used to map digital equity data and to help look up student immunization records from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR).


FAQs, Details, and Point to Note


  1. Student has multiple home addresses. If the student has more than one primary address, such as if the student lives with multiple families while attending the same school, you can designate each of those addresses as the student's primary home address and submit each to WISEdata.
  2. Student moved to a new address during the school year but attends the same school. In this scenario, update the student's primary home address in your SIS and submit it to WISEdata to replace the previous primary home address.


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