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Parent/Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian Name: WISEid

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first, last, and **middle

At least one parent or guardian name is required for students under age 18. A second parent name is optional. The Type shall be submitted as Mother (birth mother), Father, Guardian, or Other.

Acceptable characters include letters A-Z, hyphen, apostrophe, period, and spaces. Diacritical marks are NOT accepted at this time and will be rejected.

  • Middle name or initial are optional but recommended for assurance you're working with the correct student record.
  • Acceptable suffix options include: I, II, III, IV, V, Sr, Jr, SJ.
Parent Type Code Description/Comments
M Mother
F Father
G Guardian
O Other

USES: This data element information is gathered solely for use during WISEid match review to help ensure each student ID remains unique and unduplicated.

FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

This data element is required for Choice schools.

  1. Mother Record: The Mother field in the Parent/Guardian section should be completed with information about the student's birth mother. Due to potential changes in foster care or divorce and remarriage situations, it best helps in identifying the correct student record if the birth mother record remains the same person each time. Additional parents, such as stepmothers, foster parents, or legal guardians, can be entered in the Guardian or Other field.
  2. Emancipated Students: Students who are legally emancipated should be entered as their own Guardian in WISEid. 

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