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Achievement Category

Achievement Category

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Achievement Category refers to the category of certificate or diploma earned by a student. The achievement category is determined by the Credential Type earned by a student.

Code Description Use
C Certificate Earned

The student has earned a credential with a type of Other Diploma.

D Diploma Earned

The student has earned a credential with a type of Regular Diploma or High school equivalency credential, other than GED.


USES: This data element is related to the Credential Type data element, which is used to determine completion and graduation rates for Wisconsin School Performance Report, ESSA Report Card, and AYP Purposes. The exit date associated with the credential determines the school year during which the credential is earned. If the exit date is before the beginning of the school term for school year X+1, then high school completion credential is counted as earned in school year X. This is because some students may earn their credential during summer school. 


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This data element is required for Choice schools.

Refer to the Credential Type data element page for more information about submitting credentials.

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