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Birth Date

Birth Date: WISEid/WISEdata

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Birth date is the date the student was born, including day, month, and year. Month, day, and year of birth shall be submitted using the MM/DD/YYYY format. Date of birth is provided on the birth certificate or on a State ID, such as a driver's license, if applicable.

Location Description/Comments
Day Day of the month when student was born.
Month Month when student was born.
Year Year when student was born.


USES: This data element is critical in the matching process. Birth date is critical because if no match is found, then a student might get assigned a new WISEid when, in fact, the student already has one. If the birth date is recorded accurately in one district and inaccurately in another district, the student may not be found. The student may be a continuing student but might instead be counted as a dropout.

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Demographic, All     *Note, all data elements flow into WISEdata at all times, not only during specified collection snapshots.

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FAQs, Details, and Point to Note


  1. Vital Records: Please note, Wisconsin law strictly prohibits copying of vital records, including birth certificates. Refer to the DPI Notification, Photocopying Birth Certificates for School Admission, for more information.
  2. System of Record: As Date of Birth is entered and maintained in both WISEid and WISEdata, it's important to note that WISEid is the system of record. At the time of a snapshot, the WISEid value will be the value pulled into WISEdash and used in the collection.



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