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WISEdata Portal Overview

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DPI may generate alerts to communicate important information. These messages are classified into three different priority levels (critical, high, or medium). 


Once data from your SIS has been sent to WISEdata and run through a validation to check for accuracy, you can view your data in the WISEdata Portal (WDP). Filter your data by selecting different menu items, such as school year, school, school type, and collection. You can select multiple schools at once if you wish.

*Please note that the school type All School Types is for Choice Schools.

data filters screenshot

Message Details

Displayed counts of errors, warnings, and informational messages are listed. The interactive buttons direct you to the Validation Message Center to review critical errors, errors, and warnings (both acknowledged and unacknowledged). View a graphical representation of data displayed in the circle chart to the right of the buttons.

Data Quality Indicators

Analyze your data by downloading a .csv Export file of your data for a selected collection or look at the bar graphs. The bar graphs show statistics by grade and gender, race/ethnicity, economic status, grade and disability, and ELP code. The last graph changes depending on which collection is selected.

These metrics display the quality and health of the data transmitted from your SIS for state and federal reporting. Use the results to determine necessary changes to make. For example, as a high school serving grade levels 09 to 12, if you see enrollment in 4th grade in the metrics, then that would be an issue to fix in your SIS.


Data quality indicators screenshot

Student Detail Screen

You can see the information WISEdata receives about a specific student by looking at the Student Detail Screen. You can access this screen either by clicking Student Detail Search in the green bar at the top of the page or by expanding an error and clicking on Details.

validation message screen


The Student Detail Screen is shown below. You can see demographic information about the student from both your SIS and what is loaded in WISEid. You can also see Enrollment, Special Education, Program, Roster, Career Education, and Discipline information.

For each designated data area of the student's record, you will find a link to the Ed-Fi API database. Clicking the link will open a new window that displays a list of data elements in this area that pertain to the student. The first entry will be the data element as it's known in WISEdata followed by the term used by Ed-Fi and potentially by SIS vendors. Choice-only data elements have an asterisk icon. After the element listing will be the corresponding value for the student. This API view is helpful for troubleshooting because it allows you to see if information in your SIS that may not be displaying in WISEdata has made it into the API database or not.

Student Detail screen


Manually Queue Import & Validation

If you make substantial changes to your data and want to validate right away instead of waiting for the nightly validation cycle, you can trigger validation manually. Simply push the Queue Import & Validation button to place your data in line for validation. Note, this should only be used for significant changes, not one or two updates.

If you wish to receive an email notification when your validation cycle completes, mark the checkbox below the validation button and verify or update the email address that pre-fills in the box. The email will only send for this validation, not all validations and not for system-wide validation jobs that run each night. You must mark the checkbox prior to pushing Queue Import & Validation.


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