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WISEdata Portal Message Center Mini Tutorial

WISEdata Portal Message Center


The WISEdata Portal menu displays horizontally across the top of the screen with menu items listed in a purple banner and dynamic tabs within each menu. The default screen for WISEdata Portal is the Agency menu, Data Quality tab.

The Message Center feature is especially useful when multiple schools/districts have enrollment records for one student (i.e., overlapping enrollments).

Message Center location on the WISEdata Portal menu bar.

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Message Retention

The WISEdata Portal Message Center only displays messages for the current school year. Messages have a digital lifespan of 10 months. Each message will be deleted 10 months after the date it was created.

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Message Center Screen

View messages on this screen.You will see a “New” icon when you have unread messages in your Message Center. Messages are visible to every person in your agency with access to WISEdata Portal.

You can make the selection to view:

  • All messages
  • Messages you sent
  • Messages you received
  • Messages that have been resolved

Message Center featuring a New Message on the WISEdata Portal menu bar.

Clicking the hyperlinked WISEid will bring you to the specific Student Detail screen for that student.

Clicking the hyperlinked message subject will open the message as a pop-up and display the message content.

Message Center screen with a message pop-up window open.

You can reply to messages you have received on this screen. You can do this by clicking the “Reply” button or by starting a new message to the corresponding school/district.

Only the sending LEA can “Resolve” a message. The LEA receiving the message can only “Reply,” not “Resolve.” Once a message is “resolved” by the sending LEA, it cannot be restored.

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Locating a Specific Student

New messages must be created based on a specific student, from that student’s Student Detail screen. To open a specific Student Detail screen, you need to start by viewing the Agency menu, Student Search screen.

Screenshot of the Student Search screen on WISEdata Portal. Each of the search filters is indicated with a red box.

From the Student Search screen, enter the information needed to locate the student you are seeking. You can enter information into any or all of the following filter/search options:

  • School Year
  • School Type
  • Schools
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • WISEid Message Type (warning/error)

Once you have your search items entered, click the blue Search button. Results will display in a table below the filters.

Click the blue, hyperlinked “details” from the Actions column. This will open a new tab in your browser, displaying that specific Student Details screen.

If the student you are looking for does not appear, reset the search filters and try again.

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Sending Messages About a Student from the Student Detail Screen, WDP Agency Menu

Each Student Detail screen has a green banner across the top with the student’s name, WISEid, date of birth, and Local Person ID.

Screenshot of a Specific Student Detail Screenon WISEdata portal with all expendable's collapsed. The icon for Message Compose in the upper right side of the screen is indicated with a red box. .

Underneath this banner, on the right side of the screen are three icons:

Detail of the Message Compose icon on a Student Specific Detail screen within WISEdata Portal.


  • Messages
  • Expand All
  • Collapse All

Messages is the icon we will focus on. (NOTE:The “Expand All” and “Collapse All” icons do not refer to the Message Center. Those actions actually refer to all of the gray and teal headers on the Student Detail screen.)

Clicking the Messages icon will open a pop-up window:

Screenshot of the Message Center pop-up window.

From here, select the:

  • From” district: This will display the school/district that is logged in.
  • To” district: Remember that message sending must be based on a specific student. If the student you’re messaging about only has an enrollment in your LEA, then the message can only be sent to your own LEA. Messaging between different LEAs only works when:
    • Two or more LEAs have an enrollment for that student or
    • When the FAPE LEA is different from the student’s Attending LEA.
  • Subject: Provide a subject for your message.
  • Message: Type your message. It must be limited to 4,000 characters.
You must enter information into each of the text fields in order to click send. If the pop-up window does not have text in each text-field, the send button is disabled. 

Clicking “Send” (as well as clicking "Close") will close the pop-up window.

Clicking send will also generate an email to the primary and secondary WISEdata contacts, informing them that they have a new message in the WISEdata Portal Message Center. 

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Message Center Screen to Continued Communication

Return to the Message Center screen to continue the communication about this student until the message is “Resolved.”

When an LEA receives a new message in the Message Center, there will be a little orange "New!"indicator nest to the Message Center in the top WISEdata Portal Menu bar. 

Message Center screen in WISEdata Portal. A red box indicated All Messages, Sent messages and Resolved Messages.

Click the WISEid to view the specific Student Detail screen for the student.

Click the Message Subject to view the message.

Here is what the Sending agency will see:

Arrowhead UHS School District as an example sending agencyand wht whey see in their message center.

Only the Sending agency can Resolve the message since they created it. 

Sending agencies will see a Resolve button on their messages.

Here is what the Receiving agency will see:

Sun Prairies School District as an example sending agencyand wht whey see in their message center.

Receiving agencies cannot Resolve a message that they did not created.

Resolve button is not available for receiving agencies

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