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Medium of Instruction Type: Roster

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Medium of Instruction Type defines the media through which teachers provide instruction to students and how students and teachers communicate about instructional matters, for example, technology-based instruction in classroom correspondence, face-to-face instruction, virtual/online, distance learning center-based instruction, etc. If a specific medium of instruction type is not submitted, it will be considered a regular face-to-face class.

Sections represent a setting in which organized instruction of course content is provided, in person or otherwise, to one or more students for a given period of time. A course offering may be offered to more than one section. This is collected at the school level.



USES: This data element allows for tracking of the different types of classroom instruction and media in use in schools.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. FAQ: For more information and use cases, see the Roster page.
  2. Distance Education: Distance Education includes participation by a student in a course where the educational materials are provided through cable television, satellite classes, videotapes, or correspondence courses.
  3. Virtual/Online: Virtual/Online Education programs is one where a student’s enrollment and participation in the course is done through the internet (online). These types of educational programs are available for students at grade levels K-12.

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