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License and Assignments

DPI License Codes

A license or permit issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction consists of multiple parts that describe the duration, renewal criteria, and the position the holder can assume or the subject(s) the holder can teach.

Prior to the implementation of the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system, there were three different codes that combined would describe duration, renewal, and the type of assignment the holder could assume. Under the ELO system, much of this coding has either changed or was eliminated. The following describes the changes:

License Type: Under the old coding structure, the license type code was a two digit code that described the license name, the duration, and renewal requirements. In the old coding structure, an Initial Educator License was coded as 20 (or 21, 22, etc.). In the ELO system, the Initial Educator license is coded as IET 5, IEA 5 or IEP 5. The “IE” stands for Initial Educator, the “T", "A" or "P” stands for teacher, administrator or pupil services respectively, and the “5” means the license is valid for five years.

Subject: Under the old coding structure, the subject code was a three digit code that described the subject that a teacher could teach. For example, a secondary math teacher would have a subject code of 400. In the new ELO system, the subject code is a four digit code.  The new ELO code is comprised of a one plus the old three digit code. So, math is now 1400 in ELO.

Position:  Under the old coding structure, the position code was a two digit code that described either 1) the administrative or pupil services license or 2) the grade or developmental level associated with the subject code of the teaching license.  Under the old coding structure, a principal would have a position code of 51.  In the new ELO system, the modifier code is a four digit code comprised of the 50 plus the old two digit code. So a principal is now 5051 in ELO.   All administrator licenses start with either 5 or 50 (e.g., Superintendent is 5003).  For pupil services licenses like school counselor, the license was coded using a position code of 54 in the old system.  In the new ELO system, the four digit modifier code is comprised of 70 plus the old two digit code. School counselor is now 7054 in ELO.  All pupil services licenses start with either 7 or 70 (e.g., 7050 is School Social Worker).

In the ELO system, grade or developmental codes have been eliminated from the list of position codes because it is an inconsistent use of this field.  However, in ELO Public Search the developmental level or low and high grades are still shown.

To ease this transition, a complete cross-walk between the old coding structure and the ELO codes has been developedELO-License-Codes-Crosswalk.xlsx

What Can I Teach with My License?

The following pages answer many common questions we receive regarding what teaching assignments are allowed with various teaching subject codes: 


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