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Information for Schools and Districts

Information for Wisconsin school districts, charter schools, and Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs)

Common Questions:

  Licenses that Require Requests from Districts

  • Special Education Program Aide – License information for special education program aide.
  • Three-Year Substitute Permit – License information for short-term substitute teachers who did not complete an approved educator preparation program.
  • One-Year Administrator License – License information for administrators who are hired before completing a state-approved educator preparation program in administration.
  • License with Stipulations – License information for teachers and pupil services professionals who are assigned to work outside their licensure areas, or teachers and pupil services professionals who are hired before completing a state-approved educator preparation program.
  • Charter School Instructional Staff License – License information for teachers who are teaching at charter schools.

Licensing Resources

Promoting and Supporting the Profession

  • Wisconsin Induction Guidelines – Information related to induction guidelines and promising induction programs.
  • Wisconsin Educator Standards – Wisconsin licensure standards for teachers, pupil services professionals, and administrators.
  • Wisconsin Improvement Program (WIP) – Information about the teaching internship program.
  • Urban Teacher World – A program intended to create a comprehensive system to recruit, develop, and support a pool of diverse educators with the focus on potential educators currently attending high-need schools.
  • Future Educators Association – Networking organization for educator clubs that expose students to careers in education.
  • Instructional Technology Literacy for Educators – A resource in developing communication skills requirements.

Federal Grants and Requirements


  • WISEdash — where you can compare and explore statistics about Wisconsin public schools
  • Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS) – Access to data analysis on student and school performance, best practices, and resources in school improvement including planning tools, professional development, and community partnerships.

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