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Approved Educator Preparation Programs

Educator Preparation Programs

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To receive a Tier II or Tier III educator license in Wisconsin, applicants can complete an approved program and demonstrate competency in the Wisconsin Educator Standards. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approves educator preparation programs leading to licensure at entities including Wisconsin colleges/universities, CESAs, school districts, and private companies.

Under the program approval approach to educator licensing, Wisconsin-approved program completers are granted a license by the Department of Public Instruction based on the endorsement (i.e. recommendation) by the certification officer of the approved program.

If the approved program is offered through one of the thirty-three Wisconsin colleges and universities, the program can lead to a degree (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s, Education Specialist) and/or licensure only based on the licensure program requirements.

If the approved program is offered by an entity that is not a college or university, the candidate in this program must meet the minimal degree requirements prior to admission. These approved programs do not grant a degree.

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For information about each approved program, please contact the program directly using the Contact Information for Approved Educator Preparation Programs below.

Contact Information for Approved Educator Preparation Programs

The following includes contact information for the educator preparation programs approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Approved Educator Preparation Program Contact
Alverno College, Milwaukee

Kim Jacbson,  Certification Officer

(414) 382-6268

Jodi Eastberg, Dean

(414) 382-6231

Beloit College, Beloit

Jingjing Lou, Associate Professor and Chair


Tracy Ehlers, Program Coordinator

(608) 363-2325

David Segura, Assistant Professor

(608) 363-2344

Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee

Janice Jones, Interim Associate Dean

(414) 410-4687

Eric J Dimmit, Associate Dean

(414) 410-4688

Carroll University, Waukesha

Kim Hofkamp, Director of Clinical Placement and Licensing

Maria Medina-Smith,  Coordinator of Education Programs

(262) 650-4974

Carthage College, Kenosha

Dr. Karin Sconzert, Education Department Chair

(262) 551-2310

CESA 1 PBL – Proficiency-Based Licensure

Dawn Rice, Assistant Director

(262) 787-9500 ext 9547

Kris Schrimpf , Coordinator

(262) 787-9523

CESA 2 -  Licensure Academy for School Staff (CLASS)

Tere Masiarchin , Senior Director

(715) 460-1086

CESA 6 RITE – Residency in Teacher Education

Nancy Jaeger​, Director, Educator Licensing & Residency in Teacher Education (RITE)

(920) 236-0508

Pamela Rupert , RITE Special Projects Coordinator


CESA 7 TDC – Teacher Development Center Jeffrey Dickert, Dean

(920) 617-5612
CESA 9 ETP - Excellence in Teaching Program

Al Betry, Program Director

(715) 453-2141

College of Menominee Nation, Keshena

Kelli Chelberg , Faculty/Field Experience Coordinator

(715) 799-6226

Concordia University, Mequon

James Pingel, Dean of School of Education

(262) 243-4214

Jennifer Becker, Director of Licensure and Assessment

(262) 243-2093

Edgewood College, Madison

Drew Silver,Certification Officer

(608) 663-3216

eduCATE – Project Teaching!

Mariah Kaiser, Program Administrator

(715) 246-6555

eduCATE – 10SPED

Tricia Schlicht, Program Administrator

(715) 246-6555

eduCATE – WISCAD: Wisconsin School Administrator Certification Program

 Mariah Kaiser, Program Administrator

(715) 246-6555

Lakeland College, Sheboygan

John Yang, Director (Teaching and Administrative licenses)

(920) 565-1000

Deborah Bilzing, Director (Pupil Services licenses)

(920) 565-1021

Lawrence University, Appleton

Stewart Purkey, Certification Officer

(920) 832-6714

Maranatha Baptist University, Watertown

Robert Lazzell, Director of Field Experiences

(920) 261-9300

Marian University, Fond du Lac

Dr. Kimiko Ott , Chair of the Education Department

(920) 923-7146

Marquette University, Milwaukee

Kirsten Lathrop, Director of Field Placements & Licensure

(414) 288-5890

Milwaukee Public Schools University, Milwaukee

Terisa Folaron, Academic Program Chair

(414) 252-0380

Michael Harris, Senior Directo Talent  Management

(414) 475-8329

Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee

Ruth Barratt, Certification Officer

(414) 277-2230

Dan Pavletich, Associate Director

(414) 277-2486

Mount Mary University, Milwaukee

Debra Dosemagen, Education Department Chair

(414) 930-3160

MTEC – Milwaukee Teacher Education Center

Angela McCarty , Education Services Director

(414) 375-0168

Northland College, Ashland

Kevin Zak, Education Department Chair and EPP Director

(715) 682-1349

Ripon College, Ripon

Jean Ridgen - Director of Teacher Education

(920) 748-8698

St. Norbert College, DePere

Reid Riggle, Certification Officer

​(920) 403-3065

Patricia Norman, Co-chair

(920) 403-3092

Wendy Karabush,  Office Specialist of Teacher Education

(920) 403-3004


UW – Eau Claire

Carol Koroghlanian, Certification Officer

(715) 836-4758

UW – Green Bay

Pao Lor, Professor/Program Chair

(920) 465-2426

UW – La Crosse

Ashley Cree, Certification Officer

(608) 785-8127

Marcie Wycoff Horn, Dean

(608) 785-8134

UW – Madison

Kelly Hayek, Interim Associate Director of Teacher Education Center

(608) 262-4602

UW – Milwaukee

Christie Peters, Director, Office of Clinical Experience

(414) 229-4352

UW – Oshkosh

Linda Haling, Dean


Dr. Elizabeth Alderton

(920) 424-3322

UW – Oshkosh – ACT!: Alternative Careers in Teaching

Eric Brunsell

(920) 424-1722

UW – Parkside (Kenosha)

Peggy James , Dean, College of Social Sciences and Professional 

(262) 595-2993

UW – Platteville

Elizabeth Runde, Program Assistant

(608) 342-1130

Jennifer Collins , School of Education

(608) 342-1131

UW – River Falls

Michael Martin, Certification Officer

(715) 425-3774

UW – Stevens Point

Maggie Beeber, Certification Officer

(715) 346-2040

Lynda Fernholz, Associate Dean & Head of the School of Education


UW – Stout (Menomonie)

Heather Klanderman, Certification Officer

(715) 232-4088

UW – Superior

Michael Buncher, Certification Officer

(715) 394-8145

Wendy Kropid, Assistant Dean of Education

(715) 394-8071

UW – Whitewater

Jillian Smith, Certification Officer

(262) 472-1101

Lana Collet-Klingenberg, Chair

(262) 472-1106

Viterbo University, LaCrosse

Matthew Johnson , Executive Director, School of Education 

(608) 796-3394

Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee

Alan Bitter, Certification Officer

(414) 443-8565

Kristina Magsig, EDU Office Manager

(414) 443-8818

Note for educator preparation programs:

Please use the PI-1604 EPP Contact Form for changes in information.

    Resources for Educator Preparation Programs

    Program Approval

    The program approval process is a review of an entity’s educator preparation program. The review process ensures that Wisconsin’s educator preparation programs meet the performance-based standards and statutory and rule requirements specified in Wis. Stat. 118.19 and Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34. In addition, the process requires that entities develop collaborative relationships with the PK-12 education community to promote continuous improvement throughout an educator’s professional career.

    Entities have flexibility under Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34 to develop distinct preparation programs that reflect their unique missions, goals, and structures. Entities are responsible for providing evidence that their programs prepare educators who can meet the standards established by the State of Wisconsin in Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34 Subch. III and IV. The evidence is reviewed during the program approval process to ensure that entities have met all program approval requirements of Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34.

    Program Approval Resources

    License Based on Equivalency (LBE) Provider Resources

    • Coming soon The License Based on Equivalency Handbook

    Licensing Resources

    Other Resources

    Wisconsin Educator Preparation Program Annual Reports

    In 2011, The Wisconsin State Legislature passed Act 166, which requires the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to produce an annual report of the state’s educator preparation programs (EPP). The report must include information on program completers and first-time passage rates on state-required performance assessments.

    Report Contains Data About

    2019 State Report

    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2017 and 8/31/2018

    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 9/1/2017 and 8/31/2018

    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2018-2019 school year

    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2017 and 8/31/2018

    2018 State Report

    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2016 and 8/31/2017

    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 9/1/2016 and 8/31/2017

    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2017-2018 school year

    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2016 and 8/31/2017

    2017 State Report

    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2015 and 8/31/2016

    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 9/1/2015 and 8/31/2016

    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2016-2017 school year

    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2015 and 8/31/2016

    2016 State Report
    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2014 and 8/31/2015
    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 9/1/2014 and 8/31/2015
    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2015-2016 school year
    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2014 and 8/31/2015
    2015 State Report
    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2013 and 8/31/2014
    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 9/1/2013 and 8/31/2014
    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2014-2015 school year
    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2013 and 8/31/2014
    2014 State Report
    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2012 and 8/31/2013
    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 9/1/2012 and 8/31/2013
    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2013-2014 school year
    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2012 and 8/31/2013
    2013 State Report
    • candidates who completed their program between 9/1/2011 and 8/31/2012
    • candidates who applied for a Wisconsin license 12/1/2011 and 8/31/2012
    • candidates who were employed in WI public school during the 2012-2013 school year
    • statewide test results for all test takers between 9/1/2011 and 8/31/2012

    Per Act 166, each Wisconsin EPP is required to publicly post their individual report information to their website. Use the links below to locate these individual reports and find additional information provided by these programs.

    The first report, 2013 Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Annual Report, provides information on candidates who completed a Wisconsin EPP between September 1, 2011, and August 31, 2012, and were endorsed for Wisconsin licensure. It also provides valuable information on completers who applied for Wisconsin licensure and their employment in Wisconsin public schools the subsequent year. The annual report includes aggregated statewide data on all Wisconsin test-takers during the report year.

    Public Universities    

    Public Tribal College    

    Private Colleges and Universities    

    Alternative Route Programs

    Public Universities (UW System)

    Educator Prep Program Annual Report For More Information
    UW-Eau Claire 2013 UW-Eau Claire Report College of Education & Human Sciences website
    UW-Green Bay 2013 UW-Green Bay Report  
    UW-La Crosse 2013 UW-La Crosse Report  
    UW-Madison 2013 UW-Madison Report School of Education website
    UW-Milwaukee 2013 UW-Milwaukee Report School of Education website
    UW-Oshkosh 2013 UW-Oshkosh Report  
    UW-Parkside (Kenosha) 2013 UW-Parkside Report School of Education website
    UW-Platteville 2013 UW-Platteville Report School of Education website
    UW-River Falls 2013 UW-River Falls Report  
    UW-Stevens Point 2013 UW-Stevens Point Report School of Education website
    UW-Stout (Menomonie) 2013 UW-Stout Report  
    UW-Superior 2013 UW-Superior Report  
    UW-Whitewater 2013 UW-Whitewater Report College of Education Data and Assessment

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    Public Tribal College

    Educator Prep Program Annual Report For More Information
    College of the Menominee Nation 2013 College of the Menominee Nation Report  

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    Private Colleges and Universities

    Educator Prep Program Annual Report For More Information
    Alverno College 2013 Alverno Report School of Education website
    Beloit College 2013 Beloit Report  
    Cardinal Stritch University 2013 Cardinal Stritch Report College of Education & Leadership website
    Carroll University 2013 Carroll Report Education Program Information website
    Carthage College 2013 Carthage Report  
    Concordia University 2013 Concordia Report Wisconsin Educator Preparation Program Report
    Edgewood College 2013 Edgewood Report  
    Lakeland College 2013 Lakeland Report Education Program website
    Lawrence University 2013 Lawrence Report Teacher Certification website
    Maranatha Baptist University 2013 Maranatha Baptist Report School of Education website
    Marian University 2013 Marian Report  
    Marquette University 2013 Marquette Report College of Education website
    Mount Mary University 2013 Mount Mary Report  
    Northland College 2013 Northland Report Education Program website
    Ripon College 2013 Ripon Report Education Department website
    St. Norbert College 2013 St. Norbert Report  
    Silver Lake College 2013 Silver Lake Report  
    Viterbo University 2013 Viterbo Report School of Education website
    Wisconsin Lutheran College 2013 Wisconsin Lutheran Report Education Program website

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    Alternative Route Programs

    Educator Prep Program Annual Report For More Information
    ACT! Alternative Careers in Teaching 2013 ACT! Report Program website
    CESA 1: Proficiency Based Licensure 2013 CESA 1 PBL Report Program Report
    CESA 6: Residency in Teacher Education 2013 CESA 6 RITE Report Program website
    CESA 7: Teacher Development Center 2013 CESA 7 TDC Report  
    Milwaukee Teacher Education Center 2013 MTEC Report Program website
    NORDA, Inc. (Project Teaching!, 10SPED, WISCAD) 2013 Norda Report Educator Preparation Program Reports
    Urban Education Fellows Program 2013 Urban Ed Fellows Report  

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    Licensure Program Content Guidelines

    The following lists Licensure Program Guidelines for use by educator preparation program providers offering approved educator preparation programs under Wis. Admin. PI 34. Some of the guidelines are still under revision. Until all areas have been finalized, you may reference previous Content Guidelines for Program Approval.


    Wisconsin Content Guidelines

    Alignment Charts to National Standards

    Superintendent (03/5003)

    Superintendent Alignment Chart

    Director of Instruction (10/5010)

    Director of Instruction Alignment Chart

    Director of Special Education and Pupil Services  (80/5080)

    Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Alignment Chart

    School Business Administrator (08/5008)

    School Business Administrator Alignment Chart

    Principal (51/5051)

    Principal Alignment Chart

    Instructional Technology Coordinator (92/5092)


    Career and Technology Education Coordinator  (93/5093)


    Reading Specialist  (17/5017)


    Library Media Supervisor  (91/5091)


    Program Coordinator  (64/5064)




    School Counselor (54/7054)

    School Nurse (75/7075)

    School Psychologist (62/7062)

    School Social Worker (50/7050)



    Developmental Teaching

    Early Childhood (Birth – Age 8) (70)

    Early Childhood – Middle Childhood (Birth – Age 11) (71)

    Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence (Age 6 – 12 or 13) (72)

    Special Education Teaching

    Early Childhood – Special Education  (Birth – Age 8) (809/1809)

    Cross Categorical Special Education  (801/1801)

    Cognitive Disability  (810/1810)

    Emotional/Behavioral Disorders  (830/1830)

    Specific Learning Disabilities  (811/1811)

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing  (805/1805)

    Speech and Language Pathology  (820/1820)

    Visual Impairments  (825/1825)

    Early Adolescence – Adolescence Teaching

    Broad-field Language Arts  (301/1301)

    English (300/1300)

    Journalism (310/1310)

    Speech Communication  (320/1320)

    Mathematics (400/1400)

    Computer Science (405/1405)

    Broad-field Science (601/1601)

    Biology (605/1605)

    Chemistry (610/1610)

    Earth and Space Science (635/1635)

    Environmental Science (615/1615)

    Life and Environmental Science (606/1606)

    Physical Science (637/1637)

    Physics (625/1625)

    Broad-field Social Studies (701/1701)

    Economics (710/1710)

    Geography (715/1715)

    History (725/1725)

    Political Science (735/1735)

    Psychology (740/1740)

    Sociology (745/1745)

    Early Childhood – Adolescence Teaching

    Agriculture (200/1200)

    Art (550/1550)

    Business Education (250/1250)

    Dance (536/1536)

    English as a Second Language (395/1395)

    Family and Consumer Education (210/1210)

    Health Education (910/1910)

    Marketing Education (285/1285)

    Music – Choral (511/1511)

    Music – General Music (515/1515)

    Music – Instrumental (506/1506)

    Physical Education (530/1530)

    Theatre (325/1325)

    Technology Education (220/1220)

    World Languages

    Supplemental Teaching

    Adaptive Education (859/1859)

    Adaptive Physical Education (860/1860)

    Alternative Education (952/1952)

    Assistive Technology (858/1858)

    Athletic Coaching (540/1540)

    Bilingual/Bicultural Education (023/1023)

    Driver Education/Safety (450/1450, 455/1455)

    Gifted and Talented (014/1014)

    Library Media Specialist (902/1902) - Updated Nov 2016
    Note: The State Superintendent will be issuing a scope statement to revise PI 34 requirements for this license based on recommendations from a state workgroup.

    Reading Teacher (316/1316)

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