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Leading Forward - ATTRACT: Grow a New Generation & Support Career Changers

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Talented middle and high school students in Wisconsin have high potential as future educators, as do those working in fields other than education.

A variety of strategies, such as dual enrollment, academic and career planning, as well as career and technical student organizations like Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) help attract and support interested students as they move from high school to college to join, increase, and diversify our future educator workforce.

Individuals also enter the education field from other careers or professional experiences. They offer valuable background knowledge and contributions to our educator workforce. A focus on supports and options for becoming educators is an important factor in growing the number of educators in the state.

bullseye icon Our Goals

  • Increase the number of middle and high school students exploring careers in education
  • Grow the number of high school students enrolling in post-secondary programs leading to careers in education
  • Increase the number of adults in pathways leading to licensure
  • Diversify the workforce

gear icon Strategies

DPI works with partners to support several strategies to attract career changers and a new generation to the education workforce:

Growing a New Generation

  • Build out regional career pathways in support of dual enrollment opportunities (programs through which high school students are enrolled simultaneously in high school and college).
  • Support the work of the career and technical student organization focused on developing educators, the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), and local career exploration clubs, such as Educators Rising.
    • Free lesson plans for advisors for release in 2023.
    • Free Foundations of Teacher Education Curriculum developed by DPI and based on the Wisconsin teacher standards.
    • Connect career exploration clubs with higher education preparation programs.
  • Support rural schools through the rural teacher pilot program, which connects students in preparation programs with rural schools.
  • Partner with the Department of Workforce Development to explore developing apprenticeship programs in education.
  • Build diversity and local capacity through grow-your-own programs.
    • Provide information for school districts interested in creating local programs.
    • Provide resources and supports for school districts setting up initial programs.

Supporting Career Changers

  • Detail clear paths to licensure
  • Develop a registered adult apprenticeship program
  • Work with school districts and other organizations on grow-your-own programs for adults
    • Provide information for school districts interested in creating local programs
    • Provide resources and supports for school districts setting up initial programs

bar graph with up arrow icon Ongoing Impact Measures

The Department of Public Instruction regularly reviews data, such as:

  • Number of enrolled students in traditional preparation programs
  • Number of career exploration clubs
  • Number of individuals who complete programs in alternative pathways
  • Type and number of grow your own programs for middle and high school students as well as for adults

References, Research, Resources, and Reports

Check out sources that drive focus areas and strategies on the Resources and Impact page.