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Leading Forward - DEVELOP & RETAIN: Support Professional Growth

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  • Induction and Mentoring
  • Supporting professional growth
  • Retaining the workforce

Attrition rates in Wisconsin are high, with only 67% of teachers remaining in the field beyond their first 5 years.

Retaining quality teachers is imperative to the education and success of all students. Wisconsin educators require and deserve tools and supports to be effective and experience job satisfaction. Integrated systems that support foundations of trust, risk-taking, innovation, and continued professional growth are key to developing and maintaining an effective and healthy workforce. These tools and supports build a culture and climate that encourage educators to remain in the profession and grow.

bullseye icon Our Goals

  • Support positive culture and climate for teachers through trust and effective coaching.
  • Improve educator practice and student outcomes through continuous improvement processes.

cog icon Strategies

DPI works with several state partners to support these strategies:

  • Advance effective implementation of the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness (EE) System
    • Orient new and pre-service educators on the elements of the EE system.
    • Partner with stakeholders on updates and improvements to the system.
    • Promote available funding for local implementation of the Educator Effectiveness System through the Educator Effectiveness Grant.
    • Identify resources to support ongoing refinement within the EE System.
  • Update and renew training for evaluators in the WI Educator Effectiveness (EE) System.
    • Develop the Wisconsin calibration tool.
    • Develop supportive learning modules.
    • Provide training videos aligned to the Danielson Framework for Teachers.
  • Champion initial teachers
  • Develop orientation and training materials to support preparation programs and school districts.
  • Support regional engagement in direct training and coaching by contracting with Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs).
  • Advance professional practice through professional development.

bar graph with up arrowOngoing Impact Measures

We continue to review and analyze the impact of these strategies through these sources: 

  • Responses to the annual Educator Effectiveness System survey
  • Educator retention data
  • Distribution of teacher data
  • Survey responses obtained from the annual Peer Review and Mentoring Grant
  • Three-year evaluation of the Peer Review and Mentoring Grant

References, Research, Resources, and Reports

Check out sources that drive focus areas and strategies on the Resources and Impact page.