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Beginning Teacher Seminar 3: Reflective Practice

This is third in the series of beginning teacher (ongoing orientation) seminars available to districts to support local efforts in meeting PI 34 requirements, which require districts to provide “ongoing orientation” to beginning educators (in their first three years of teaching). Comprehensive induction programs include professional learning within learning communities for beginning teachers guided by research, teaching and content standards, district instructional priorities, and the developmental needs of beginning teachers to advance quality instruction and the learning of every student. (NTC Teacher Induction Program Standards, 2018).

Districts and/or Cooperating Education Support Agencies (CESA) can use this resource to facilitate local professional learning.

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Resources within the Beginning Teacher Induction Essentials Series are not to be altered, but they may be reproduced and disseminated for non-profit, educational purposes without prior permission.

Danielson Framework for Teaching© components focus:

3c: Engaging Students in Learning
3d: Using Assessment in Instruction
4a: Reflecting on Teaching
4e: Growing and Developing Professionally

Seminar Outcomes:

  • I can self-assess practice based on evidence.
  • I can articulate the importance of, and identify evidence sources.
  • I can plan for student reflection within my lessons.
  • I can reflect on my professional growth and determine next steps.

Approximate Facilitation Time: 2.5 hours

Beginning Teacher Seminar 2 training materials

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Participant Materials


Participant Packet

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Supplemental Resource for Mentors

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