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Leading Forward - LICENSE: Advance License Options

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Wisconsin has a highly flexible system with various pathways to licensure that result in more licensed educators.

Go to the licensing pages for specific application, status, and inquiry information.

Our goal is to continue to work with partners to advance licensing options. Licensure demonstrates both that an individual has met minimum requirements as established by the state as well as passed a background check and review of qualifications.

bullseye icon Our Goals

  • Process licenses as quickly and efficiently as possible within current resources
  • Provide clear information on pathways to licensure
  • Provide effective customer service
  • Ensure transparency to the public

cog icon Strategies

  • Provide clear and accurate information online
  • Employee adequate staff to provide customer service support to lower response times
  • Provide license inquiry options
  • Maintain license lookup resource

Go to the License website for application, status, and inquiry information.

bar graph with up arrow icon Ongoing Impact Measures

We continue to review and analyze the impact of these strategies through these sources: 

  • Number of licenses issued
  • Average inquiry response times
  • Number of inquiries received and resolved
  • Applications processed

State & Federal References

PI 34

Wisconsin Statutes Chapters 115, 118, and 121.02

IDEA Highly Qualified Letter from US Department of Education

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