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Wisconsin Improvement Program (WIP) – Teaching Internship

DPI will be accepting intern request applications
for the fall and spring semesters for the 2023-2024 school year starting February 1, 2023.

Program Description

The Wisconsin Improvement Program (WIP) provides an excellent opportunity for school districts, educator preparation programs, and the Department of Public Instruction to collaborate in the preparation of future teachers. WIP pairs promising student interns with experienced cooperating teachers in a semester-long clinical experience.

Benefits for school districts participating in the internship program include:

  • Providing students with additional teacher contact when implementing instructional blocks, multi-age instruction, or split-grade classrooms.
  • Providing additional instruction and progress monitoring via the RTI process.
  • Providing differentiation in content-discipline classrooms.
  • Providing another set of hands and a pair of eyes in classrooms with multiple challenges.
  • Providing time for teachers to serve as mentors or coaches.
  • Professional development for cooperating school personnel and interns.
  • Collaborative instructional planning and problem-solving.
  • Opportunity to recruit highly qualified future educators.
  • Opportunity to increase parent communication and involvement.
  • Enhanced partnerships with educator preparation programs.

WIP Handbook

WIP Professional Development Funds

Interns who are placed through WIP and their respective college/university are eligible for reimbursements through WIP professional development funds.

For school districts and interns, applications for reimbursements are due to the DPI by January 31 (fall interns) or June 1 (spring interns).  For institutions of higher education, applications for reimbursements are due to the DPI by June 1.

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Steps in the WIP Teaching Internship Process

From this time forward, the WIP request process has changed in an important way. Intern requests will now only allow one intern per request, with multiple subjects and cooperating teachers allowed in each request.

Steps in the teaching internship process:

  1. School districts submit internship requests using the online Internship Request Application. The signature page at the end of the application process must be signed and uploaded before the internship request can be approved. The PI-1690 WIP On-line Internship Request (see below) provides tips for completing the Internship Request Application. The deadline to request a fall intern is August 1. The deadline to request a spring internship is December 15. If this date lands on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the following business day.
  2. The WIP director approves internship requests based on the criteria in the WIP Handbook. School districts may be requested to make modifications to the intern requests before they can be approved. School districts can log in to the online Internship Request Application system to view the approval status of their requests using the link emailed to them upon submission of their first intern request.
  3. Educator Preparation Programs review approved internship requests using the link emailed directly to them from DPI to determine potential placements for interns.
  4. School districts work with WIP campuses in interviewing candidates and selecting WIP interns.
  5. Intern candidates who are selected for internships apply for intern licenses using the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system. WIP campuses provide interns with the necessary internship number and subsequently ensure that candidates have acquired their intern licenses using License Lookup. Intern candidates should review information about fingerprinting and proceed to obtain electronic fingerprints if they are required to do so.
  6. School districts and Educator Preparation Programs provide professional development for WIP interns and their cooperating teachers and request reimbursement for the costs according to specifications in the WIP Handbook.
WIP Online Application Link for Districts

Internship Request Application

Purpose: To submit internship request

User: School District

WIP Online Application Links-Campuses and Interns

Internship Request Query

Purpose: To review internship requests submitted by districts that have been approved by DPI

User: IHE

Link: This link will be provided to you directly by DPI


Intern License Application

Purpose: To apply for intern license

User: IHE student (intern)

WIP Internship Request Application Directions

 From this time forward, the WIP request process has changed in an important way. Intern requests will now only allow one intern per request, with multiple subjects and cooperating teachers allowed in each request.

1. Log In

Access the application

  • Select School Year: The school year will be pre-populated to show current options.
  • Select Education Agency: Choose the school district or CESA from the drop-down list by clicking the drop-down arrow, entering the first letter of the district (or CESA), and scrolling to the correct agency. If the internship will be at a private school, select the school district in which the private school is geographically located.
  • Select School: Select the specific school in which the internship is taking place.
  • Accept and Start: Read the attestation regarding the Wisconsin Improvement Process (WIP) application. If you understand and wish to continue with the application click “Accept and Start.”

2. Add Contact

A contact person must be designated for each internship request. The contact is the person who will be the school district's first point of contact for all questions/inquiries from the colleges and/or the WIP Director related to this internship request.

  • Enter the e-mail address of the contact person. If the contact information is on file with DPI, the other fields will be auto-filled. If the other fields are not auto-filled then you must manually enter your name, phone number, and job title.
  • An additional contact person can be included if applicable.

3. Add Internship Information

  • Select the semester for which you are requesting this intern.
  • Enter the start and end dates of the semester.
  • Select the lowest and highest grade(s) to be taught by the intern.
  • Enter the subject(s) to be taught by the intern. You are only allowed one intern per request, but you may request multiple subjects for each intern.
  • Use the drop-down lists to select the average hours per day the intern(s) will observe the teacher and the average hours per day the teacher will observe the intern.

4. Add Cooperating Teacher Information

  • Enter the entity number of the cooperating teacher and the name will be auto-populated. If necessary, use the License Lookup to find the entity number.
  • Indicate whether or not the cooperating teacher meets the requirements outlined in Wisconsin administrative code. Provide an explanation if the requirements are not met.
  • Enter the primary licensure area of the cooperating teacher.
  • Indicate whether or not the cooperating teacher is licensed for all subjects that the intern will teach. If the cooperating teacher is not licensed in all areas that the intern will teach, provide an explanation.
  • Indicate whether or not the cooperating teacher is licensed for all the grade levels that the intern will teach. If the cooperating teacher is not licensed in all grades that the intern will teach, provide an explanation.
  • Attest that you will notify DPI if there is a change to the cooperating teacher.

If more than one cooperating teacher is needed, click “Save and Add Another Teacher” to enter the additional information. After all information for all cooperating teachers is entered, click the “Next” button at the bottom-right of the page. You will have an opportunity to add another cooperating teacher to this internship request from the next page. 

5. Add Schedule Information

  • Use the drop-down lists to indicate how many periods/blocks/hours are in your typical school day.
  • List the specific subject area(s) and associated grade(s) in which the intern will be working. If the intern will be working in more than one school, list the subject areas/grades and the number of weeks in each school as well.
  • For the next three questions, use the drop-down lists to indicate how many periods/blocks/hours per day the intern will be either teaching on his/her own and/or will be team teaching.
  • Provide more specific information about the intern's schedule over the course of the semester including:
    • whether the intern will be working in more than one subject area/grade/school;
    • whether the intern will be teaching the same schedule for the entire semester;
    • whether the intern will be gradually increasing their teaching load (if so, explain the intervals at which this increase will happen, etc.).
    • Sample schedule descriptions are provided below.
  • Explain any other extenuating factors or comments that should be mentioned, as necessary. 

Intern Schedule Examples:

Example 1: The intern will teach English 9 during 1st and 3rd periods and will teach English 10 during 2nd and 6th period. For the remaining periods, the intern will be observing their cooperating teacher(s) and other building/district teachers. The intern will have this same daily schedule for the entire semester.

Example 2: Weeks 1-3, the intern will start out observing in all subject areas (U.S. History, World History, Geography). Weeks 4-6, the intern begins teaching one section of U.S. History. Weeks 7-9, the intern teaches a total of two sections of U.S. History. Weeks 10-12, the intern teaches a total of four classes (two U.S. History and two World History). Weeks 13-15, continue to teach the same four classes. Weeks 16-18, teach the cooperating teacher's entire teaching load (two U.S. History, two World History, and two Geography).

6. General Information

  • You must confirm that the intern's teaching assignment - as indicated in previous questions - over the course of the entire semester is no more than 50% of the workload of a full-time teacher in your school district. If the intern's teaching assignment is more than 50% of a full-time teacher, you will be required to revise the intern's teaching assignment so that it does meet the 50% requirement. (Click the “Previous” button at the bottom-right of page to return to the Schedule page.)
  • Indicate timelines for the intern hiring/placement (e.g. to be hired by 7/1 and officially start on 8/29).
  • Indicate whether you are willing to accept an intern from any of the participating WIP campuses by answering "Yes" or "No". If you only would like to work with a specific campus or campuses, click "No" and then check the box(es) next to campus(es) that you prefer.
  • Finally, select "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not you have budgeted the correct amounts for the intern and to pay for Professional Development Programs. If you select "No", your Internship Request will not be approved.

Click the “View Summary and Submit” button at the bottom-right of the page to continue to a summary of the information entered for this internship request.

7. Summary

The information entered for this internship request is summarized on these pages for your review. Please carefully review all of the information listed in the Summary for accuracy and completeness.

  • If you need to make changes to any information, click the "Edit" button next to the section of the application that you wish to edit. Click the “Next” or “View Summary and Submit” button to advance to the next page to be reviewed. (If you did not change any information on a page, simply click the “Next” button to move to the next page.) After all pages have been reviewed and/or edited, you will again advance to the Summary page.
  • If you are satisfied with the summary, click the Submit button. Clicking Submit will electronically send your internship request to the WIP Director at DPI. You will receive a confirmation email to review your district’s requests and directions on your next steps.

PLEASE NOTE: after you click Submit, you are no longer allowed to change the Internship Request without first contacting the WIP Director.

Also, be aware that your intern must be licensed before they start working at your school. Before the semester starts, check on their license status on the DPI License Database Search.

8. Signature Page


A paper copy of the Signature Page for this Internship Request must be signed and scanned to DPI before the request can be approved by the WIP Director.

  • View the status of your request.
  • Click on the Intern Request number in the left-most column to open up the Intern Request Form - Summary.
  • Click "Download PDF" at the bottom of the Intern Request Summary. Print the downloaded PDF Summary pages.
  • Obtain the three required signatures listed at the bottom of the Intern Request Summary PDF and scan the entire paper document with the signatures.
  • Return to your Intern Request summary by clicking the link above and then clicking the Intern Request number.
  • Click "Upload Signatures" to upload the scanned copy of your signatures. If you have multiple scanned documents to upload after you upload the first document, click "Add Additional Documents (optional)" to continue to upload your signatures. Your application will not be reviewed until the required signature document has been uploaded.
WIP Internship Request Query

Login Page

  • A link to access all intern requests for your college/university will be emailed to you directly from DPI.

Internship Requests Page

  • This page identifies all approved Internship Requests for the current school year in ascending order with the most recent requests listed at the bottom of the list.
  • You are allowed to sort these approved requests using the criteria in the table. You can view previous school year requests using the School Year drop-down at the top of the table. You can access the summary page for a specific district's Internship Request by clicking on the actual Request Number (in the left-most column).  Review all information so you can help your students understand the request, and determine if they are appropriate for that placement.
  • IF you find an appropriate placement AND your student has been hired as an intern in that district, you then may provide the intern with the Intern Request Number and the semester of the internship so they can apply online via the DPI website to obtain their intern license. Do not give the request number to the intern until he/she has interviewed and been officially placed in that school district.

Student Intern Application 

After you provide the Intern Request Number and semester of internship to the student, he/she will complete the application through the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) system. 

Submit questions and comments about this information to the Licensing Online Help desk.