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Application Directions for Three-Year District-Sponsored License with Stipulations

To be eligible for the three-year, district-sponsored license with stipulations (LWS3), a teacher must:

  • Hold a valid Provisional (Tier II), Lifetime (Tier III), or Master Educator (Tier IV) license;
  •  Have at least one year of experience in the requesting district
  • Be assigned to teach grades and/or subjects outside what is authorized under their existing Wisconsin license;
  • The district, CESA, or residential school:
    • Assigns the teacher to a new subject and/or developmental level
    • Completes and signs off on the 1613 Employment Verification form and the 1624 LWS-3 District Request For License With Stipulations Form
    • Provides appropriate professional development and supervision for the teacher to become proficient in the license program content guidelines for the new license area so that the teacher is prepared to submit a portfolio to the department by the end of the term of this license.
  • Note: As of August 2022 new applications in the following areas are no longer accepted due to changes in the state administrative code PI 34.
    • Speech-language pathology under s. PI 34.047 (4).
    • Deaf and hard of hearing under s. PI 34.050.
    • Blind and visual impairment under s. PI 34.051.
    • American Indian language license under s. PI 34.055.
    • American Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty license under s. PI 34.056.
    • Bilingual-bicultural education under s. PI 34.078.
    • Driver education under s. PI 34.080.

How to Apply for Three-Year District Sponsored License with Stipulations 

5-step graphic

1. Determine if you must submit fingerprints

2. Gather Documents

Scan all documentation into files (.pdf, .doc/docx, .jpg/jpeg, or .txt) that are 2MB or less in size

  • Preview the ELO Conduct & Competency Questions to see if you will need to provide documentation of any alleged misconduct
  • Have your employing school district complete the PI-1624-LWS3 District Request for Three-year License with Stipulations that indicates the assignment you will be working in, and confirms the employing school district will provide appropriate professional development and supervision for you;
  • Have your employing school district complete the PI-1613 Employment Verification form to confirm at least one year of experience in the employing school district.
  • Obtain a copy of your Wisconsin educator license showing that you are in good standing;

3. Log in to Educator Licensing Online (ELO)  

  • Within ELO, make sure you have answered the three onboarding questions.
  • Find the APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE section of the Quick Start Menu. Select the same choices that are shown in the three drop-down in the application screenshot below:

T001 1315

  • Choose "1-Teacher Category"
  • Choose "A-Teacher (including 5-Year Sub) [T001]
  • Choose "Teacher: Request 3 Year, Non-Renewable, License with Stipulations [1315]"

4. Receive Email Confirmation


5. Complete Application in ELO


Our processing times vary throughout the year. For current processing times see the Check Application Status page.

Next Steps

The Three-Year District-Sponsored License with Stipulations (LWS3) is nonrenewable. By the end of the three-year license term, the teacher must demonstrate eligibility for a Provisional License (Tier II) or Lifetime License (Tier III) in the new license area/grade range via a portfolio demonstrating proficiency in the license area/grade range.  Proficiency demonstrated via a portfolio must be confirmed by either obtaining an endorsement for the license by an approved educator preparation program or by DPI approval.

Responsibilities under the LWS3 district-sponsored pathway include:


  • Become proficient in the content guidelines for the new license area.
  • Collect artifacts/assessments demonstrating proficiency in the new content guidelines.
  • At the end of three years, submit a portfolio of the evidence of proficiency in the new license area to a DPI-approved educator preparation program or the DPI for review.  See the Portfolio page for a copy of the handbook to use and more information.


  • Partner with districts in their efforts to provide professional development in the content guidelines for the new license area.
  • At the conclusion of three years, review teachers' portfolios to ensure that they are proficient in the content guidelines.
  • If the teacher demonstrates proficiency, endorse the teacher for the new license.

Portfolio Submission

If you would like to submit your portfolio please click the following link for further information Portfolio Submission for Three Year District Sponsored License with Stipulations


Note: Please notify us if someone under an LWS3 moves districts for us to begin the invalidation process of their license.

Submit questions and comments about this information to the Licensing Online Help desk.