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Guest Teacher

The Guest Teacher license is a Tier I license issued to those teachers who are employed in Wisconsin as part of a teacher exchange or guest teacher program.  This is a three-year, time-limited license that allows eligible educators from other nations to come to the U.S. to teach in Wisconsin

Requirements for Wisconsin School Districts

  • Research the accreditation and quality of identified international teacher exchange or guest teacher programs
  • Work with the sponsoring agency to fulfill program requirements
  • Secure the required work VISA in cooperation with the international teacher and the sponsoring agency
  • Assist the candidate with the application process for Wisconsin licensure by completing the Supplemental Form PI-1624-GUEST
  • Provide professional learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities to support the visiting educator.

Requirements for International Teachers

  • Hold, at a minimum, the equivalent of a U.S Baccalaureate degree as determined by a foreign credentialing agency recognized by Wisconsin. (
  • Have completed the equivalent of an approved teacher preparation program outside the U.S. and are authorized to teach in the country of the teacher exchange.
  • Be proficient in English

Application Process for Guest Teacher License

An applicant who meets the criteria listed above will follow the directions in ELO using T001-1115 application.

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Next Steps

This license can be renewed for one additional license term with the above application. There are no additional requirements for renewing this license; however, guest teachers and employing school districts need to understand and follow visa and other immigration requirements.

Submit questions and comments about this information to the Licensing Online Help desk.