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Guest Teacher

The Guest Teacher license is a Tier I license issued to eligible educators from other nations to come to the U.S. to teach in Wisconsin for a limited time.. The Wisconsin Guest Teacher license may be issued to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria identified in Wis. Admin. Code sec. PI 34.030(2) in the grade levels and subjects that correspond to the preparation that the educator received in an approved educator preparation program located outside the country. This license may only be renewed once, except for special education, which is limited by federal law to three years. This license cannot be advanced or converted to a higher tiered license. Obtaining a license at a higher tier requires completion of an approved pathway to aTier II license.

Wisconsin School Districts Should:

  • Verify the accreditation and preparation provided by the educator preparation program outside the country using a credential evaluation completed by an credential evaluation service.
  • Ensure the assignment for which the individual is being hired corresponds to the preparation they received in their educator preparation program and the subject areas and grade levels of the license granted in the applicant’s country.
  • Assist the candidate with the application process for Wisconsin licensure by completing the Supplemental Form PI-1624-GUEST; and
  • Provide professional learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities to support the visiting educator. Districts interested in employing a teacher beyond the term of this license should work with the educator to ensure completion of a pathway that leads to a Tier II license.

Eligibility Requirements for a Guest Teacher License Requires that the Educator:


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