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Statutory License Stipulations

NOTE:  If you are looking for information regarding the One-Year License with Stipulations or the Three-Year License with Stipulations please see the License with Stipulations webpage.

License with Statutory Stipulations

Statutory Stipulation Descriptions and Courses and Workshops that Address them

Believe You Have Already Met a Statutory Stipulation?

What does it mean to have one or more statutory stipulations on a license?

For the most part, educators in Wisconsin are licensed based on the completion of a state-approved educator preparation program. All state-approved educator preparation programs in Wisconsin must incorporate the applicable statutory requirements in Wis. Stat. 118.19 and Wis. Admin. Code PI 34 subch. IV into their approved programs. These statutory requirements include the requirement that in most cases, licensed Wisconsin educators must show that they have had specific education and have demonstrated their competence in certain identified areas. Some of these requirements are specific to a particular license type, and some of these requirements apply to all educator licenses.

It is not likely that an approved educator preparation program based outside of Wisconsin is subject to all of the same statutory requirements in their in-state programs. As a result, applicants for a Wisconsin educator license who completed their program outside of Wisconsin will typically not have fulfilled all the statutory requirements for a Wisconsin educator license.  

If your teacher/administrator license was issued with statutory stipulations, you may be eligible to have your statutory stipulations removed without having to complete additional coursework/professional development by using the reciprocity pathway. If you hold a valid, regular teacher/administrator license from another state, and have at least one year of experience under either the other state’s license, or under a Wisconsin teacher/administrator license, please review the License Based on Reciprocity page for more information.

Please note: The reciprocity pathway is NOT available for pupil services licenses.

Educators whose licensure program was completed outside of Wisconsin and who do not qualify for a License Based on Reciprocity are evaluated against Wisconsin statutory requirements. If you have statutory stipulations on your license, it is because we did not find evidence in your application materials that you have satisfied these statutory stipulations.

Applicants who are otherwise eligible for a Wisconsin license based on their credentials may be issued a license with statutory stipulations.  For a list of statutory stipulations and details about the specific statutory stipulation criteria, please see Statutory Stipulation Descriptions and Courses and Workshops that Address them  below.

If you are unsure if you have statutory stipulations, use the How to Check for Stipulations in ELO PDF to check if there are statutory stipulations on your license.

License with Statutory Stipulations 

If an educator is issued a license with statutory stipulations, they will receive a statutory stipulation letter via email. This letter will include information about any stipulations that have been placed on the educator’s license record. The letter will also include links to information and resources that will help the educator get the stipulations removed. The educator should retain the statutory stipulation letter. A few things to note:

  • In order to be eligible to advance a Tier II Provisional license with stipulations to the Tier III Lifetime level, in addition to satisfying all employment requirements, an educator must satisfy all statutory stipulations by June 30 of the year of the Lifetime license effective date. Educators with licenses with unmet statutory stipulations cannot advance ANY of their licenses to the Tier III Lifetime license.
  • If an educator has not satisfied all statutory stipulations before the expiration date of their Tier II Provisional license, they may apply to reissue their 3-year Provisional license.
  • Approved college-level coursework or approved professional development is required for removing all statutory stipulations except for conflict resolution and student teaching. The requirements for removing conflict resolution and student teaching-not enough weeks can be met by providing documentation from your employer verifying the required experience

Student Teaching - Not Enough Weeks

State law requires that teachers complete a full semester of full-time student teaching. Teachers whose preparation program required less than 18 weeks of student teaching can meet this statutory stipulation with verification of employment confirming 18 weeks of successful full-time teaching experience.

Statutory Stipulation Descriptions and Courses and Workshops that Address Them

A statutory stipulation that can be fulfilled through coursework can be addressed at any approved college or university.

  • All coursework/professional development used to satisfy a statutory stipulation must be at the college level, and must have included an evaluative component, like a grade, a final project, etc.
  • Professional development, including online CEU options and similar enrichment opportunities, must be approved by the DPI in order to use them to remove a statutory stipulation, even if they include an evaluative component. Approval of professional development will be based on a detailed review of the individual/entity offering the professional development, the specific content of the professional development, the nature of the evaluative component, the pedagogical methods used to deliver the materials, the intended audience and purpose of the professional development, and other elements that can show a comparable level of rigor and content to college/university coursework. 
  • The following resources offer PRE-APPROVED coursework/professional development options that can be used to satisfy various statutory stipulations. Be sure to click into the option(s) that satisfy your required stipulation(s) and review what is offered carefully. Not all resources offer professional development for all stipulations. The options that are available vary in terms of cost, format, availability, length and location, so it is in your interest to look into the option that satisfies your stipulation(s) carefully, so that you can find one that will be the best fit for you and your particular circumstances.


Believe You Have Already Met a Statutory Stipulation?

If you believe you have already met a statutory stipulation requirement please click on the following link believe you have already met a statutory stipulation for more information.

NOTE: If you are looking for resources regarding the Foundations of Reading Test (FORT) please visit the Wisconsin Testing Requirements webpage

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