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ELO Application for Three-Year Short-Term Substitute Teacher License

A three-year short-term substitute license may be issued to an applicant who holds an associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university and who has successfully completed an approved substitute training program, but has not completed a state-approved educator preparation program.

Once an educator holds a current three-year short-term substitute license, they may short-term substitute at any Wisconsin school district that employs them.

Applicants must successfully complete the district-selected substitute training. As per PI 34.032, the substitute training must include all of the following:

  • Basic school district and school policies and procedures.
  • Age-appropriate teaching strategies.
  • Discipline, conflict resolution, and classroom management techniques.
  • Health and safety issues, including handling medical emergencies.
  • Techniques for starting a class.
  • The culture of schools and the teaching profession.
  • Working with lesson plans.
  • Working with children with disabilities, including confidentiality issues.

Substitute Teacher Training Programs

The following organizations offer training programs for substitute teaching:

CESA 1 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 2 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 3 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 4 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 5 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 6 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 7 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 8 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 9 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 10 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 11 Substitute Teacher Training

CESA 12 Substitute Teacher Training

WEA Professional Development Academy - Note: a score of 85% or higher is required on STEDI's assessment


Note that many districts provide their own training for short-term substitutes, which is allowed by administrative code.  In addition, educators who have completed the WTCS Foundations of Teacher Education associate degree program have completed the required substitute training.

This license allows the educator to be in a short-term (no more than 45 days in a specific assignment) substitute assignment. The Three-Year Short-Term Substitute license does not allow the license holder to be in a long-term substitute assignment. For long-term substitute assignments, the applicant may apply for a License with Stipulations if requested by the employing school district. A license with stipulations requires the educator to be enrolled in and complete a state-approved educator preparation program in the subject or grade level of their assignment under the License with Stipulations.

How to Apply for a Three-Year Short-Term Substitute License

5-step graphic

1. Determine if you must submit fingerprints

2. Gather Documents

Scan all documentation into files (.pdf, .doc/docx, .jpg/jpeg, or .txt) that are 2MB or less in size

  • Obtain transcripts documenting your degree
  • Obtain evidence that you have successfully completed the district-selected substitute training.  Acceptable documentation of successful completion can be shown through:
    • Certificate of completion from a DPI approved substitute training program, including date of completion
    • Confirmation letter of successful completion on district letterhead, including date of completion, that is signed by an authorized Administrator
    • PI-1633 Substitute Teacher Training Verification Form

3. Log in to Educator Licensing Online (ELO)

  • Within ELO, make sure you have answered the three onboarding questions.
  • Find the APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE section of the Quick Start Menu. From the drop-down menu, select the following choices (as seen in the screenshot below):


T910 1910

  • Choose "1-Teacher Category"
  • Choose "S-Teacher - Short Term Substitute License [T910]"

  • Choose "Teacher: Request Short-term Substitute License [1910]

  • Click the “GO!” button.
  • Complete each page of the application as instructed. Review your Application Summary and edit information if necessary OR click the “SUBMIT” button to submit your application.

4. Receive Email Confirmation


5. Complete Application on ELO

  • Click the GO! button next to “Submit C&C and Payment to Complete Application.”
  • Review your fees.
  • Complete the Conduct and Competency Questionnaire (14 questions).
  • Pay with a credit card or pre-paid card. For fee amounts and additional payment information please see License Application Fees.


Our processing times vary throughout the year. For current processing times see Check Application Status.

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