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Application Directions for One-Year License with Stipulations

In order to allow us to finish processing applications for the current 2019-2020 school year, please do not submit applications for the 2020-2021 school year until after July 1, 2020.

Candidates who may be initially eligible for the 1-year License with Stipulations are those teachers or pupil service staff (e.g. school counselor, school social worker, school psychologist, school nurse) who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, but are not yet eligible for the license needed for their assignment.

Note: If you have completed an approved teacher training program and hold a valid license from another state, please look at the OOS page.

  1. Out-of-State program: Teachers or pupil services staff prepared in another state who have not met Wisconsin testing requirements OR
  2. WI approved program: Teachers with a bachelor’s degree who have completed all coursework in a WI approved program, but who have not met all WI approved program requirements OR
  3. School district need: Individuals with a bachelor’s degree hired when a district cannot find a fully licensed educator OR
  4. Pupil Services: School counselors, School social workers, School psychologists or School nurses who hold a master’s degree or are enrolled in an approved preparation program that lead to the license for their position OR
  5. Speech and Language Pathologist: Speech and Language Pathologists with a master’s degree who hold a valid license from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). Apply for Speech and Language Pathologist on the Application Directions for One-Year License with Stipulations for Speech and Language Pathology page.

How to Apply for One-Year License with Stipulations 

5-step graphic

1. Determine if you must submit fingerprints

2. Gather Documents

Scan all documentation into files (.pdf, .doc/docx, .jpg/jpeg, or .txt) that are 2MB or less in size

  • Have your employing school district complete the PI-1624-LWS1 district request for one-year license with stipulations.

3. Log in to Educator Licensing Online (ELO)

  • Within ELO, make sure you have answered the three onboarding questions.
  • Find the APPLY FOR A NEW LICENSE section of the Quick Start Menu. Select the same choices in the three drop-down in the application screenshots below based on the type of license you are applying for:

T001 1115

P001 1115

  • Choose either "1-Teacher Category" or "3-Pupil Services Category" in the drop-down menu
  • Choose "Request 1 Year License with Stipulations [1115]"
  • Click the “GO!” button.
  • Complete each page of the application as instructed. Review your Application Summary and edit information if necessary OR click the “SUBMIT” button to submit your application.

4. Receive Email Confirmation


5. Complete Application on ELO

  • Click the GO! button next to “Submit C&C and Payment to Complete Application.”
  • Review your fees.
  • Complete the Conduct and Competency Questionnaire (14 questions).
  • Pay with a credit card or pre-paid card. For fee amounts and additional payment information please see License Application Fees.


Our processing times vary throughout the year. For current processing times see the Check Application Status page.

Next Steps

  1. Out-of-State program: Pass the required WI tests by August 31 of the year the license expires so the department can consider you for a Provisional License (Tier II).
  2. WI approved program: Finish the requirements of your WI approved program so that your preparation program can endorse you for a license.
  3. School district need: Enroll in an educator preparation program and complete at least 6 semester credits toward your licensure program by August 31 of the year the license expires.
  4. Pupil Services: Enroll in an educator preparation program and complete at least 6 semester credits toward your pupil services licensure program by August 31 of the year the license expires.
  5. Speech and Language Pathologist: Continue to apply for the LWS1 with the valid DSPS license for a maximum of three LWS1’s. To be considered for a Tier II-Provisional License, the speech and language pathologist must either obtain the endorsement from an approved school speech and language pathologist program or meet the requirements under Wis. Chapter PI 34.047(4).

Additional documentation needed for “no progress:”

If, after the first 1-year license expires, the educator is not yet eligible for a Tier II-Provisional License, the educator or district may request renewal of the 1-year license with stipulations and verify that progress toward Tier II-Provisional License was made during the term of the 1-year license with stipulations. Specific information about what progress means for each scenario listed above is provided to these license holders in a letter (e.g. enrolling in an approved program and completed at least six semester credits towards certification or attempts at a test if that is the final remaining requirement of an approved program).

If progress is not made, the employing school district can request an exception. The school district must provide a letter (on school district letterhead, signed by the district administrator, in a PDF format) with the following information: 

  1. What pathway to licensure is the educator completing to obtain full licensure needed for their assignment?
  2. What evidence has the educator provided to you that verifies they will either complete the chosen pathway to license in the coming school year or verify they can make adequate progress going forward (e.g. registrations of testing, admission letter with class schedules, etc,…)

Submit questions and comments about this information to the Licensing Online Help desk.