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Career Education Programs

Career Education Programs: Career Education


Career Education Programs is an unordered collection of student Career Education program associations to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) or College Career Ready (CCR) program in which the student participates. Career Education has different Program Types: Certified Career Education Programs and Non-Certified Career Education Programs.

A Career Education program is required for all students who have participated and/or completed the programs in grades 9-12 no matter if they are a concentrator or not. If applicable you may submit two Career Education Programs for the same student.

For more information on CTE and CCR data reporting, refer to the Career Education Data Reporting document.

Below you will find Career Education program information, but if you would like detailed descriptions for each of the programs listed, refer to the list of Career Education Programs:


USES: CTE Programs collects information about the student's career concentration in a Career Education program for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and College and Career Ready (CCR) reporting.


CTE and Career Ed Programs - FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


Certified Career Education Programs

  • IRC Not State Approved
  • IRC State Approved Business & Industry
  • IRC State Approved WTCS - Associates
  • IRC State Approved WTCS - Embedded Technical Diploma
  • IRC State Approved WTCS - Technical Diploma
  • State Co-op Ed. Skill Standards - DPI Employability Skills
  • State Co-op Ed. Skill Standards - DPI Occupational
  • State Co-op Ed. Skill Standards - DPI Youth Leadership
  • Youth Apprenticeship

Non-Certified Career Education Programs

  • Entrepreneurial Student Business

  • Internship/Local Co-op

  • School Based Enterprise

  • Simulated Worksite

  • Supervised Agricultural Experience

  1. For detailed Career Education information and use cases, visit the Career Education FAQ page.
  2. For more information on work based learning, visit the Work Based Learning data element page
  3. Career Education Certified Programs: If a district wants to report a Career Education program linked to a section, then it is expected that all students in that section are working toward the certification that program offers. If some students in a section are working toward the certification and others are not, then the district is expected to report two sections (one linked to the program that only has students working towards the certification and one that is not linked to a program for students not working toward the certification.
    • It is expected that certain 'certified programs' (like Youth Apprenticeship) are scheduled as courses and final grades are awarded which reflect on the student's transcript. The final grade awarded, and the certification status are tightly linked (ideally one is dependent on the other). For example, when a student passes the course and acquires a credit for the course, it is associated with the student completing the certification.


Dual Enrollment Programs FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


Dual Enrollment Programs

  • College Course within UW System
  • College Course within WI Private College
  • College Course within WI Technical College
  • College Course within WI Tribal College
  • High School Course within UW System
  • High School Course within WI Private College
  • High School Course within WI Technical College
  • High School Course within WI Tribal College
  • Out-of-State Dual Enrollment


  1. Dual Enrollment Programs: A Dual Enrollment program is one through which high school students have enrollment in both high school and college and earn both high school and college credit. Different dual enrollment programs exist in Wisconsin to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to achieve college credit while in high school. These programs are offered through a variety of funding structures depending on the statutory authority.
    • Dual credit classes can be taken through Technical Colleges, the UW System colleges, tribal colleges, and/or the Private colleges under WAICU.
    • GEAR UP Schools: For 2018-19 Final Grade/mark earned is only required for grade levels 9-12. However, for GEAR UP schools, if can and wish to send in Final Grades/marks for students in grade levels 6-8 as well, we will accept the data. If GEAR UP schools are not able to send Final Grade/mark data for middle school students, DPI staff will contact you to collect it manually as in the past.


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