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Language Instruction Assessment Year

Language Instruction Assessment Year: WISEdata

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The Language Instruction Assessment Year data element is the year that the student took the assessment that determines the student's current English language proficiency code. Enter the numeric year that the assessment was administered, such as 2019.

In most cases, a student's English language proficiency code should be based on the prior year's assessment, unless the student is a newly-identified English language learner and no prior year assessment exists.

For more information on reporting language instruction data, refer to the Language Instruction Data Reporting Help page.

USES: Language instruction data will be used for disaggregated reporting and accountability purposes, including State Report Cards, ESSA Report Cards, and Title III. They are also used as a measure of the acquisition of English language proficiency and to determine the appropriate participation in WSAS.


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Refer to the Language Instruction Data Reporting Help page for FAQs and use cases.


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