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Discipline Date

Discipline Date: Discipline

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The date on which the discipline action started. The discipline date must occur on or after the incident date. For suspensions (in or out of school) and IAES discipline actions, the discipline date must be within an active enrollment period in the current reporting year.

For expulsions, the discipline date may occur in the current reporting year or at the beginning of the next school year; this would be the date specified in the student's expulsion order under s.120.13(1)(c)3 or (e)3, Wis Stats.

Code Description/Comments
Day Day of the month in which the discipline action started.
Month Month of the year in which the discipline action started.
Year Year in which the discipline action started.


USES: This data element is critical in tracking an incident to the correct student and discipline action that occurred.

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Discipline     *Note, all data elements flow into WISEdata at all times, not only during specified collection snapshots.

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Related Validations & Data Elements

6664, 6665, 6695, 6697Discipline Action Identifier, Discipline Descriptor                 

FAQs, Details, and Point to Note


  1. Discipline FAQs & Use Cases: For more specific information, see the Discipline FAQs & Use Cases.
  2. DOC, DHS, PPP: No discipline information should be submitted for students in a Department of Corrections or Department of Health Services school or enrolled as a parentally-placed private student.

  3. Summer School Discipline: Discipline information for this student should not be submitted to WISEdata. This student is removed zero days from the school year for a suspension, so no incident or action is submitted. Note, if the discipline action was an expulsion, then this incident-action pair would be submitted.



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