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Language Instruction Services: WISEdata

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The Language Instruction Services data element describes which services an English language learner is receiving. For this data element, submit each service that a student is receiving for the current reporting period.

ID Code Value Program Type
13342 BDD Bilingual - Dual Language Immersion
13343 BDT Bilingual - Developmental or Late - Transitional Bilingual Program
13344 BT Bilingual - Transitional Bilingual Education
13345 BH Bilingual - Heritage Language Program or Indigenous Language Program
13346 ESL-CB ESL/Bilingual - Content-Based ESL-Bilingual
13347 ESL-S ESL - Sheltered Instruction
13348 ESL-I ESL - Integrated or Co-Teaching Models
13349 NO-ESL ESL - No ESL Program Available
13350 EN ESL/Bilingual - Newcomer-ESL
13351 ESL-NB ESL/Bilingual - Newcomer-Bilingual
13352 ESL-IS ESL/Bilingual - Integrated EL-Special Education

For more information on the program types listed above, refer to the LIEP Data Element Crosswalk. For more information on reporting language instruction data, refer to the Language Instruction Data Reporting Help page.

USES: Language instruction data will be used for disaggregated reporting and accountability purposes, including State Report Cards, ESSA Report Cards, and Title III. They are also used as a measure of the acquisition of English language proficiency and to determine the appropriate participation in WSAS.

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Refer to the Language Instruction Data Reporting Help page for FAQs and use cases.


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