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Language of Instruction

Language of Instruction: Roster, WISEdata

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Language of Instruction data element is a roster indicator. LEAs should send the primary language in which instruction is delivered for this data element.

If an instruction language descriptor is not provided, DPI assumes the language of the course is English.


USES: It will allow DPI teams to correlate student academic performance data with education program models and academic subjects taught in English versus languages other than English (LOTE). It will also help DPI identify cohorts of educators for professional learning and growth related to this work.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. LEAs only need to indicate the language of instruction if a course is taught in a language other than English. If the language of instruction indicator is left blank (NULL), it is assumed that the language of instruction is English, and will pre-populate as English. Make sure all courses being taught in non-English languages are being accurately annotated with their associated courses in your SIS.
  2. Obsolete languages cannot be listed as a primary language of instruction. Visit the table of obsolete languages posted on the Native Language data element page for details. 

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