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Other WISE Application Release Note Archive

Other WISE Application Release Note Archive

Release Notes for 12/14/2021 Release

[WISEadmin Portal] Clarified Instructions for STAR Assessment Sharing

The Instructions text in WISEadmin Portal has been updated to clarify that authorization for STAR assessment sharing is processed outside of WISEadmin Portal.

Release Notes for 11/2/2021 Release

[WISEadmin Portal] Agency Contacts Table Now Shows School Year in Clearer Format

The Agency Contacts table in WISEadmin Portal now shows school years in the same format as WISEdata Portal. For example, the current school year appears as "2021-2022" instead of "2022."

[Ed-Fi Credential Vendor Update] Inactive LEAs No Longer Appear on L2 Message and Record Count Table

In Ed-Fi Credential, the EdOrgs with L2 Messages and Record count table has been updated to filter out inactive LEAs, which can help sort through LEA data.


Release Notes Prior to 10/11/2021

For release notes prior to 10/11/2021, refer to the historical release notes page.

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