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WISEadmin and Other WISE Application Release Notes Archive

WISEadmin and Other WISE Application Release Notes Archive

Release Notes from 9/5/2023

WISEadmin Portal:

  • Nothing Significant to Report (NSTR)

WiSFiP (Pupil Count Pilot - Year 2):

  • Updates and improvements have been completed to WiSFiP for the 2nd year of the Pupil Count Pilot.
    • School Name Displayed: The TFS, SFJ, and FFM screens now have a column displaying the school’s name. The school name also now appears as a column on the corresponding exports.
    • Upload Button Added: When manual entries need to be entered in WiSFiP (e.g., for 3-year-old Programs), an upload file button has been added to ease this manual entry. Users can now upload a .CSV file. The file can contain both the students’ WISEid and Local Person ID. There are also radio buttons to select either one or both WISEid, Local Persson ID. This function has been added to all Count Date pages.
      • NOTE: Validations have been built into these uploads. If the file uploaded contains a WISEid that is not exactly 10-digits, an error message will display. If an invalid or duplicated WISEid for that school year is uploaded for, an error message will display.

WISEdata Finance Portal:

  • The overall responsiveness of WDF portal has been improved.
  • The WISEdata Finance (WDF) Portal was modified so that CESAs and other collaborating agencies can enter their financial data into their vendor tool.
Release Notes from 8/22/2023

WISEadmin Portal:

PALS Assessment Export 

  • The PALS assessments and PALS Online System was retired on June 30, 2023. As such, the opt in/opt out for PALS (PALS-Illuminate Education) has been removed from the Local Assessment Data Sharing Agreement in WISEadmin Portal, and the Local Assessment Exports in WISEadmin Portal. 

Other WISE Applications:

Nothing Significant to Report (NSTR)

Release Notes from 7/25/2023

WISEadmin Portal:

WISEadmin Data Migration Complete 

  • The WISEadmin database migration was successful. This will allow the Data Warehouse (DW) Team at DPI to provide dashboards on WISEdash for data collections conducted in WISEadmin Portal.  

District Library Plan & District Library Plan Report 

  • A new collection has been added to WISEadmin for the 2023-24 school year: the District Library Plan. Library plans have been required by administrative code for some time (since 1974), but they are newly being reported through WISEadmin Portal. Visit the WISEadmin Info, Help and FAQ page > data elements for more details and a listing of all data elements associated with this new collection.   

The District Library Plan has two main parts: 

  1. LEA Facing Form: This is the portion of the District Library Plan that will completed by the District Administrative Staff, entered into the WISEadmin Portal. 
  2. District Library Plan Report: This report is accessible only to DPI staff with administrative access to WISEadmin Portal. The Report helps the Library Services Team identify the LEAs that have submitted the form.  
Release Notes from 7/11/2023

WISEadmin Portal:

The District Library Plan is a new data collection for the 2023-24 school year. This collection is still in testing/ development mode. This data collection is only required from public schools, and is based on state legislation (PI 8.01(2)(h)).  

District Library Plan data is entered into WISEadmin Portal. Required data elements are: 

  • Date of Board Approval: this is the date upon which the school board approves the District Library Plan. 
  • Implementation Year From and Implementation Year To: this will be a dynamic drop-down field displaying year options (current year, with a span of five years prior and six years ahead) to select from, indicating the span of the District Library Plan. 
  • If dates are not provided, a data Validation Error message will display. 
  • District Library Media Specialist First Name, Last Name, Email: these open text fields will allow users to enter the name and email address of the district’s library media specialist. 
  • District Library Plan Link: this open text field allows users to place a hyperlink to the URL of the webpage that displays the district’s Library Plan.  This text must always begin with the text: https:// 
  • If a link is not provided, a data Validation Error message will display 
  • Add or Update button: The Add button will display when a user is entering a Library Plan for the first time. After that initial submission, users will edit their plans to match current information, and will then update their Library Plan.  
  • Submission History: This area will display a date/time stamp and name of the submitter for the Date Last Modified, and for the person who Submitted that information.  


Release Notes from 6/27/2023

WISEadmin Portal:

Going forward, Cyber Incident Email Notifications will be sent to all WISEadmin users, in all roles with the WISEadmin Portal: Agency, Districts Admin, and Tech Coordinator.

Other WISE applications:

No Updates

Release Notes from 4/4/2023

Acknowledgment Page:

The Acknowledgment page on WISEadmin was showing the message, “There was a severe error.” This has been corrected and is displaying normally again.

Release Notes from 1/25/2022

WISEadmin Portal:

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • Fixed an issue in which a school's All Students Report Card opt-in status appeared incorrectly.
Release Notes for 12/14/2021

[WISEadmin Portal] Clarified Instructions for STAR Assessment Sharing

The Instructions text in WISEadmin Portal has been updated to clarify that authorization for STAR assessment sharing is processed outside of WISEadmin Portal.

Release Notes for 11/2/2021

[WISEadmin Portal] Agency Contacts Table Now Shows School Year in Clearer Format

The Agency Contacts table in WISEadmin Portal now shows school years in the same format as WISEdata Portal. For example, the current school year appears as "2021-2022" instead of "2022."

[Ed-Fi Credential Vendor Update] Inactive LEAs No Longer Appear on L2 Message and Record Count Table

In Ed-Fi Credential, the EdOrgs with L2 Messages and Record count table has been updated to filter out inactive LEAs, which can help sort through LEA data.


Release Notes Prior to 10/11/2021

For release notes prior to 10/11/2021, refer to the historical release notes page.

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